5 Sentence Challenge

The BFG is a big friendly giant.

There is a massive frog on the BFG’s shoulder.

I like Mr. Twit because he has food in his beard.

The BFG holds Sophie in his hand.

Sophie has beautiful long, blonde hair and shiny glasses..


It’s Roald Dahl Day!

Today is the celebration of 100 years since Roald Dahl, the fantastic storyteller, was born. He wrote many stories and created many amazing characters and today is a chance for you to describe your favourite Roald Dahl book or character.

Please do this by writing a comment to this post and work in pairs to write about your favourite Roald Dahl book or character. Make it as detailed and as interesting as possible. Remember, people from around the world will read this!

In school this year I have enjoyed doing all the hard sums we have done and I liked writing about All The Kings Tights.  I’ve also enjoyed going to Carleon.

This Year In Clover Class

In Clover Class I have enjoyed being a year three because we have learnt lots about different topics like the circus is coming to town ,our world ,the romans and we are on our last topic that we are doing this year which is turn it up.  I have learnt lots about those topics and they have all been very interesting .


Our Amazing Year In Year Three

My favourite thing we did this year was when we went to… Woodland Adventures it was really really fun! We toasted marsh mellows. We also got to make dens and eat lunch in them! We played lots of hide and seek tag. It was the best school trip in the world!

By Mya

Are Amazing Year In Year Three

My favourite thing I did this year is when we went to…Woodland Adventures! We got to toast marsh mellows! We also built dens and then we could decide witch den we went in and we could eat lunch in them! It was really fun and it is my favourite trip I think! I will go again!

This Year In Clover Class

I have really enjoyed this year in Clover Class in year three. Their have been some very fun topics this year like the circus, our world, romans and  finally turn it up. I have learnt lots about these topics and have had the most fun ever!