Poetry Writing

This term our topic is ‘The Magic Toymaker’ and we are really enjoying learning about old and new toys and also each other’s toys. Today we finished off our fantastic poems about toys and we recorded them for everyone to listen to. Please leave us a comment and tell us what you think of our work!

my christmas

my Christmas was fantastic i got a millenium folcun and poes x wing. on Christmas  day i went to both nanny and grandads.

i got pocmon cards boost box i got a bmx bick.      by Ben and




on Christmas morning I ran down the stairs to see that Santa had been.

by Aarron

I went downstairs and went under the Christmas tree and opened the presents.For lunch I had some vegetables, chicken, potatoes, sausage. After lunch we watched TV and went upstairs and played on the Xbox One.

by Oliver

My christmas

At Christmas night I  took a peek at my stoking I saw a tiara then we all went in the living room. mummy forgot her glasses. I had to wait.In my present then was a Barbie hair doll. by Harriet

I woke up. Then mummy woke up. We went down stairs. Albert came down.Then we went back up stairs, woke daddy up. by Daisy.

Our Christmas

My  favourite   Christmas  present   was  Yoyo   panda.

Later  on  Mummy  Daddy  and  my  sister  all   went  to  Babas   house   and  had   Christmas  lunch .  After   lunch   we   all   opened   our  presents.

I  also  got   a Roudolph  my favourite   bit  of  Christmas  was  spending   time   with  my   family.    By  Millie

At Christmas my favourite  two presents were my nerf rebelle and my karaoke machine  that you plug in to the tv and the words come up on the screen.All my relatives except for Granny because of nellie came round even my cousins Matthew and Lauren came round .My birthday was a week before Christmas  and i got lots of great presents like my heelys .I also got a singing  aqestria girl . my favourite part of Christmas was the presents.       by Jessica

my jolly cristmas

On     Christmas night I woke up in the morning but it was still dark so Dad told us to go back to bed. I opend one present and it was a wash bag.And on Christmas day I had a yummy Christmas dinner. by Eleanor

At Christmas I woke Mum and Dad and Lenny up at three o’clock. I got a magic tree that grew blossom and some more bubble bath and a cup. by Ros

My Christmas

My christmas

I went Iceskating  with my  mum  i kept  falling over.

For christmas I got a    control  car.

by Arlo

My christmas

what  an   exiting    time  i   had I  went to   longleat   to  see  the  festival    of    lights   they  were   very   nice  beutifel  they  were   beatrix potter  i saw  peter  rabbit  and   tommy  brock. By Wesley