In school this year I have enjoyed doing all the hard sums we have done and I liked writing about All The Kings Tights.  I’ve also enjoyed going to Carleon.

This Year In Clover Class

In Clover Class I have enjoyed being a year three because we have learnt lots about different topics like the circus is coming to town ,our world ,the romans and we are on our last topic that we are doing this year which is turn it up.  I have learnt lots about those topics and they have all been very interesting .


Our Amazing Year In Year Three

My favourite thing we did this year was when we went to… Woodland Adventures it was really really fun! We toasted marsh mellows. We also got to make dens and eat lunch in them! We played lots of hide and seek tag. It was the best school trip in the world!

By Mya

Are Amazing Year In Year Three

My favourite thing I did this year is when we went to…Woodland Adventures! We got to toast marsh mellows! We also built dens and then we could decide witch den we went in and we could eat lunch in them! It was really fun and it is my favourite trip I think! I will go again!

This Year In Clover Class

I have really enjoyed this year in Clover Class in year three. Their have been some very fun topics this year like the circus, our world, romans and  finally turn it up. I have learnt lots about these topics and have had the most fun ever!

Father’s Friday 2016

After another superb day in school, I wanted to summarise in a blog post  just what fun we had on Father’s Friday. As in previous years, dads, grandads and significant male members of the family were invited into school for as little or as much as they wanted to take part in and enjoy a day of learning. Once again, we were thrilled to see people turn up in such huge numbers, which made the day so special.

Beginning with our weekly celebration assembly, many dads had decided to come in for an early start and then stay on. With so much to celebrate, the day was off to a good start and then everyone filtered back to class for the beginning of lessons. From phonics to rounders, music and singing to reading and arithmetic tests, our dads took part in everything with a smile and a wonderful attitude and atmosphere, immersing themselves in everything that the day had to offer. Even at playtime and lunchtime, it was a joy to walk the grounds and to see everyone playing together on the field.

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who made the time in their busy schedules to be able to come to school and join us today; we loved having you and it was a pleasure to work with you for the day.

Here are some photos of our day and we managed to catch up with some dads for their reaction to Father’s Friday too. Have a great weekend everyone!