My New Halloween Dress

At the shop I bought  a Halloween dress.  at the back of the Halloween dress there was wings.   On the wings there was Spider Webs!   I chose a spooky head band with horns also it was black.   surprisingly it matches with my dress! I am obviously going to wear my dress to Halloween but you didn’t know that I was going to wear the dress to my Birthday party!

Happy Holidays!

Have a happy holiday everyone and enjoy the time at home with your families. If you get time, I would love to read all about what you are doing in your own time, so please leave some posts and comments on your blog. Also, if you read some good books over half term, leave a book review on your blog too. I shall be putting a prompt over on the Writer’s blog if you fancy a challenge. Have fun!

Mr Rockey 🙂

Learning About Thailand

Learning about Thailand with Mrs Hannanm was fun!   Clover class is meeting up with a school in Thailand called Papa class it is all very exiting!!  In Thailand the whether is really really hot or poring down with rain!



Learning to say a poem

We were learning to say a poem with Mrs Charleton.  Shall I tell you my poem?

                                                              Doggie Heaven 

    All doggies go to heaven (or so I’ve been told)

They run and play along the streets of Gold. 

Why is heaven such a doggie-delight?

Why, because there’s not a single cat in sight!