Are Christmas picture

Today   we    made   a  Christmas  picture   on   the   computers.  It  was  very   fun.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    By  Mya

The Christmas Fair

Today I went to the Christmas fair at school!  Sadly I had to leave the Christmas fair because I went to a gymnastics competition!

I hope we have another Christmas fair because I thought it was cool!







































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































cause I went to a gymnastics competition









The Christmas recipe!

Today Thistle and Clover class performed a lovely Christmas play called the “the Christmas recipe.” It was absolutely brilliant with all of the lovely singing and the lines of the people were great! They did it nice and clearly so everyone could hear them!

I especially liked the snow, they were all very pretty with glittery tops and white capes, it was the best play I’ve ever seen!

 The songs were great, I liked the clip clop clip clop eeh oor song it was very funny. I think all of the parents loved it they were clapping and laughing!

I thought it was very good and I heard that they were practicing a lot.

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