We have been working hard this week!

Spinal Research

On 26.04.2015 my Dad Russell did the London Marithon and he did it. We’re so proud of him and we are still. Every day we make a big smile on our fase. We let him rest for it so he can do it because me and my family love him so much. He did well and it was milse and milse. I think I couldn’t do the marithon.

My Dad Russell did it for the  London Marithon bast on Spinal Research. When I see him, he danses along when he sees us and smiles at us when we see him we wave at him and then we shout go Batten go, go Batten go.i started to cry because I was so proud of him. When my family and my dad got home, my mums brother gave dad a stifercaite and it was a good one too. I love my Daddy so much. I relly do, my dad needs to be famus and rich, my dad should do a nuther marithon. My dad needs to do one milse every day. I know he can do it.

What We Acted Out.

Clover  and thistle class went into the hall and we saw somebody sitting on a chair who was called James. He was ready to tell us a story about little Inchkin and after the story we acted it out with instruments and swords and I loved it so much!

The Unicorn

Once there was a child called Milly.   She lived with her muther and father in a cotej next to the sea.One day Milly saw a unicorn she asked her mummy and daddy if she could keep the unicorn and they said yes.   Happily Milly rode the lovely white unicorn up and down.     The next day Milly fell asleep on the unicon.     Then Milly woke up in her garden and she saw the unicorns family.


On the bank holiday we went camping.  It was very cold. We went with our friends. We went swimming in a freezing cold swimming pool.  I played with lots of people that I don’t know.  when we were sleeping it was very cold. I didn’t get any sleep! Luke

Bed Making

When  I am older I want to be a Bed Maker. I made Mummy’s bed  perfectly and she slept  very well. I straightend the bed cover and her pillow and gave her my cuddly  rabbit to sleep with. Mummy had the best nights sleep ever.

This weekend

This weekend we had lunch with Granny and Papa. After  lunch   we  went inside a big peanut sculpture! Later  , I  caught eight tadpoles in the pond. The pond was as deep as the school.There was lots of frog spawn.


fishing for frogs

On the weekend I went to my Nanny and Grandad’s and caught four frogs, one on Saturday and three on Monday and I caught hundreds of tadpoles and I had a excellent time.