Going Camping

On Friday 1st of May I went camping with my family and I made some new friends,we built a den and played a lot of fun games! We were going to watch birds in our den but we missed the chance to see all of them. Next to the camp site there is a big wall which you can climb up with a harness. The wall was 10m high and I climbed right to the top!

My fun weekend

On Saturday we went to play in the swimming pool for an hour at the fun swim with my Dad and brother. Then in the afternoon we all went to watch HOME at the cinema, I really enjoyed it and I liked it when Tip got her Mum back and Oh was Tip’s friend.

On Sunday morning we played at home with the lego then in the afternoon we went to Southampton to look at Coco, a puppy that we might get after our holiday. We decided to have a think about it because we think we want to get a golden one.



My Daddy went to Mallorca and did a triathlon. He swam one mile in the sea, he cycled twenty four miles and then ran six miles. Then he was quite tired at the end.  By Charlie

A Home For Shimmer

A Home For Shimmer is one of my favourite stories.  I  like it because Shimmer the dog is so cute!  It is about Amy who falls in love with Shimmer and mum says “we have got enough animals and we can’t afford her”.  In the end Shimmer saves someone’s life and mum lets Amy keep Shimmer!