Skruffy ,light, dark eyes like the midnight sky.


Fury,spiky, long ears like a sharp knife.


Little ,wet, fat nose like a round ball.


Bendy, big tail like a ponytail.


Messy, cuddly fur like a cuddly teddy.













Nice oval  ears like pink ovals on a quilt,                                                                                  Pointy tale like a fluffy tooth,                                                                                                     Straight legs like branches,                                                                                           Black eyes like dark dark blackberrys,                                                                           Sparkling eyes like marbles,                                                                                                        Spotty fur like nice autumn leafs that had fallen off the tree.

by Mya



Pointy soft fury ears like a pilow.

Long cyoot bright tale like a silky hair

Black  brown pounty nose like a party hat

Long strate legs like neadls.

by Hattie

Programming with Scratch

This afternoon we have been developing our programming and coding skills in our computing lesson with Mr Rockey. Using Scratch – a free online programming site – we were given some cards to copy simple algorithms which we then changed to make our own, debugging them to make sure that they worked. We are hoping that we can put some of them on our blog when they are finished! Here we are working very hard and having fun!