my week

I     learnt about good and bad food. I also did tag rugby. I did gladiators can we pass.
I did  a  big write about Romans. I did a roman shield and helmet . I  did   rounding to the nearest 10.  For the english i did a map.

what I done this week

This week I have been doing rounding 10s and there really easy. When I was making our Roman shields and Roman helmets it was hard. When we were making and drawing Roman soldiers.  we have been doing tag rugby every Thursday and it is extremely fun. I have lernt about haidranswarll       

What we done this week

We have been learning about romans and playing tag rugby and we have made some hats and shields like the romans . We made a map and a story and we did a big write about romans.We made roman pichers  and rounding numbers and using word problems