five sentence challenge

The  stiff  sledge  is  being  pulled  up  the  steep  steep  hill  by  John  the  postman.

The   snowman   was   built  by  Jack  and  Bill  the  little  twins   both  only  five  years  old.

The  cute  little  cat  wants  to  come  into  the  house  because  it  is  cold  and  it  wants  to  come  out  of  the  cold.

The  moon  is  shining  beautifully  in   the  scarlet  sky  with  stars.

The  Christmas  tree  is decorated with  pretty   fairy  lights  that   sparkle.


by   Millie and  Jessica

Five sentence challange.

People   are icskating   on the  river .


The snowman   is  big.and  still   and   has  stick   arms.

The house is cozy.and snuggly.and  warm.

The river   is  frozen. solid. because   the   ice    did  it.

A man   is      pulling   a  tabogen   and   working hard.

by   Wesley   and     Heath.

five sentence challenge

The    snow     man     is   glighsaning      in    the   lihgt   .

The   cat    is    wait  to   get in the nis  wom halse.

people  are iscatigng on the gren ice.

the people are  having a grat time on there sleg.

The ducx are ner the darec brig.

By Benedict and Dylan

Five sentence challenge

by Aarron and   Alice.

Theres gronups worcking there dogs.

The cat  is mewoing   at  the  door because it  wants to go inside.

There is a snowman with arms, hat and a scarf.

The is children ice skating on the frozen river.

There is curved snowy bridge leading to a house with tall chimneys.



Five sentence challenge

Jane lives in a welcoming coge.

A little black cat is sat on a worm winndow.                                                                                A little moon is brit.

The people are skitng on the ice.

I think it was takon 150 yers ago.


Daisy and Megan





Five sentence challenge

In  the disduns    there is gleeing  moon and lots of stars.

Be  hind  the  houses  there  is  a  wellcoming  house.

There is big and butifull  snowman.

In the  house  there  are poepel   siting  around  the  fire  drineing hot  choclot  with  wipt  creem.

The water is frozen and people are skating on the ice.

By Willa and Emily