Maths Day

Today in school we have been enjoying a huge range of mathematical activities as part of our whole school Maths Day. Every class took part and classes were filled with everything from skittles to a science and maths cross curricular activity in Orchid class counting taste buds! There really was something for everyone and the children had a fantastic time.

Here are some photos of our lovely day.

Thistle and Clover Class get dramatic!

This morning Thistle and Clover class have been enjoying some drama during their learning time. Faye visited us to work with both classes and a huge amount of fun was had by everyone as they pretended to be a variety of characters, exploring their creative skills.

Here are some photos of the children having a fantastic time. Do please ask them what they were enjoying!:

five sentence challenge

My  new Yo-yo  panda  is  lovely  because  she is relay  play full  and  fun!

My new topic is magic  because  it is all about toys and how they work.

my new game  with my friend is zoos because we both like animals.

I am starting Brownies because I have all ready reached the end of Rainbows.

My new years restitution   is to dance every day.

by Millie

Five Sentence Challenge

My brand new 3D pens are brilliant because they can allow me to draw in the air !

With Megan I should my Pokemon on Pokemon Go.

Our Clover Class topic is ‘The Magic Toymaker’, I learnt that Victorian toys were made out of wood and metal.

My New Years resolution is to keep learning.

On New Years Day I slept at Jacob’s and Megan’s Nanna’s house and when me, Megan and Jacob we were in a Pokemon mood because it the 2nd of January , it was fun because we played together.



Five Sentence Challenge

My new Barbie crimp and colour and I really love it.

I started this new game with my friends it is called ninjas.

Our new topic is called ‘The Magic Toymaker’ It is fun because we get to bring in old toys.

The weather was different because it was snowing.

My bedroom is different because there is some new toys in it.


Five sentence Challenge

My New topic is the Magic toy maker it is rilly fun .

For Christmas I got a new dragon can shoot roar and growl and he is fun to play with.

My new years resolution is to go to drama club and it is exciting.

At Christmas I got a Mia and Me unicorn. I like playing with it.

My new sport is drama club. I chose it because my sisters don’t let me sing and you get to sing in drama club.

five Sentence Challnege

I had an xbox one because it was for Christmas.

I like my Pokemon cart because they are fun.

I got pig goes pop with my counting.

I got white chocolate for Christmas because it is my favourite.

Mummy and daddy have a new truck  and  I like  it  it  is nice.