I  really   like chocolate  because it  tastes  yummy!

Chocolate    is  yummy when it is melted like a chocolate river.

Caramel   chocolate is   the    best  because it tasted like caramel and caramel tastes good.

crunchy chocolate  is the best because it melts in your mouth.

I   love boost   chocolate    because     it  has  caramel    inside.

Five sentence chocolate

what a yummy thing chocolate is!

Our favourite chocolate is almond and  whisper because we love it so much.

it tastes all gooey and melts in your mouth.

The best place to eat chocolate is in bed secretly because then your mum and dad don’t know.

we eat chocolate when it is a special treat.

Harriet and Eleanor



The chocolate is melting in my mouth because  I have hot spit.

When I eat chocolate it makes me feel silly because it is so yummy.

My chocolate tastes super power good because I LOVE it!

What super yummy chocolate I LOVE to eat squishy , cold  and melting.

Marshmallows and chocolate go well  together.

By Megan and Millie!


My favorite  chocolate is dark chocolate because i’m not allowed milk chocolate.

I do not like chocolate because it is bad for you.

The best place to eat chocolate is at the seaside because it melts in your mouth.

I don’t eat it often because it’s bad for you.

chocolate is delicious.

by Emily and Albie


What a delicious food chocolate is!

Chocolate is so tasty because they added  a secret ingredient.

I love milk chocolate because it is brown

It is not very healthy for your teeth.

Do you like chocolate?

by Daisy and Alice





It tasted like cotton candy unicorns in my mouth.

my favorite    is  dairy milk because it is very nice.

my favorite is   kit kat  peanut butter because I love peanut butter.

We eat our chocolate in our rooms so that our rooms are messy.

I wish I could eat chocolate for every meal and pudding .

Aarron and Oliver


Milk chocolate tastes like milk.

My favorite place to eat chocolate is my room.

I eat chocolate once every week.

We like chocolate because it is the best food ever.

chocolate is not healthy because it has lots of sugar.

Angus and Rosalyn



chocolate treat

What a hungry prompt this is!

I love to eat chocolate every where!

Dark chocolate is the yummiest chocolate in the world because nearly every chocolate thing is made out of it.

We eat fifteen peses of chocolate every month.

chocolate  is gooey tasty and a nice treat to eat every day of the moth.

by Heath and Theo




I like chocolate because it’s tasty.

I eat chocolate under my bed so no one else can see me.

My favorite chocolate is fudge fingers because its yummy fudge encased in delicious milk chocolate by Cadbury’s.

Bournville is my favorite as its smooth, dark and rich.

I would  eat chocolate  every day if I could !

Benedict and Dylan


What an amazing taste chocolate has!

We adore chocolate because it melts in our mouths and gets even more yummy.

Our favorite chocolate is both dark and white because you can feel it melting down your throat.

All the chocolate in the world is delicious but at Cabury’s they make the most wonderful chocolate in the whole world!!!!!!!

We really like chocolate because even though it unhealthy it is the best snack ever.

By Jessica and Ben