wellies in the water

What an interesting sight I think I might report this to the police . Maybe this man is swimming to try and find his watch but the strange thing is that he is doing a handstand in the river it looks like he is doing gymnastics moves . The only thing we saw was the man in the water looking for the watch in the river . It is weird that he had his wellies sticking out , he could of just swam down to the very bottom of the river . If I did that I would get told off by my mummy really bad .


by Wesley and Rowan

welys in the sea

Somebody is in the water with welys on . There is lots of things in it . There is lots of leafs in the water . The jeans look mestearese . The water looks cold. The plancks are in the water .  There is a frog in the water .  The man is looking for his wach . The lake is darty . The lake is runing down . There  is jules . He is doing a handstand . There is a fox . There is a figitspiners . There is a chain . There is a lized . I dont now that he is alive . There is a lost cat in the forist .

by Charlie and Hayden

Live news called wellies in the water!

I’v arrived at a pond and I found a pair of welly boots up sighed down.I looked under the water and nothing to be found so I put my hand under and I felt a other hand.In the clear water I stood on a plank and I tried to pull them up.


I should kick them to see if It’s fake just to make sure It’s not alive.I took their wells of to see if they would move.I  kept  on  moving  in till  they  moved so I shouted to see if they had moved just to make tripodal sure.

By Megan and Jacob

crime of wellies in the water!

I took this picture of a farmer in the woods upside down in a river . I took this at the blue bell woods.I wonder how he got there nobody knows how this happened . I took off a boot only to find  blood I was sure it was a farmer because I put my head under the water and found a dungarees I took them up and,found a pin  now the investigators are looking at it. We found the garden and it had a big pond and five coco nut trees. All of the village are looking for clues so far nobody as found anything if you found any clues come to blue bell woods now and report.


by daisy and heath       report not real

100 Word Challenge

Can you guess what my favourite thing is? My favourite thing is quite small and has games on it and has a blue cover. I can do the hundred word challenge, the five sentence challenge and do lots of writing on it. When I am bored I play on it, but I’m not allowed to play on it after 6 o’clock in the evening. Douglas and Cameron have one as well, Cameron’s is red and Douglas’ is black. Douglas has the most games. I got it last Christmas, and I got some other presents. Have you guessed what it is yet?

By Rowan


On Wednesday Clover class made a Harvest loaf and it was so fun because I learnt how to make a plait out of bread and a head of a corn. Me and Jacob did a one -hundred word challenge. After school we went to code club and did scratch junior and we told a charter what to do and how to do it! Then we had a little play after school then we went to Nana and Grandpa’s house. Now my sister and cousin’s are making a den out of pillows , chairs and blankets.

by Megan

my speical thing!

My  favourite thing was given to me on holiday and it has my name on it with grafiti script on the left side . It is green on the back and black on the front and monster energy logos all over it. Sometimes I wear my special thing when it is hot on holiday and it helps my ears when i am on the plane when i am landing in Bristol airports runway . It can stay on  me for as long as I want even if i  was riding my bike to the park in Westwood near my house next to my garden.

My special object!

My special object is a not very bright but its yellow.

Its very skinny and he is very famous oh and is in a movie.

I take him around sometimes I`v taken him to the park once.

I sleep with him I can sleep with out him but its very unusual for me to.

I don`t know were I got him from well I have had him since I was 0.

If I`m sad I have to go and find him.

This might give it a way but he loves honey he`s got a red tee shirt a black nose can you guess?

try and guess my secret in 50sec or less?

It’s not at my house but it’s my family pet can you guess it in  50sec or less? It is warm and soft and have strong claws hurts me when ever I walk in to nanny’s houses doors it is cuddly but don’t get confused with Chloe. It sleeps down stairs in the house have you guessed it  ? It is good when it wees on its mat .  Its my family’s secret so don’t tell. Its fur is not too long and his big sister (or mum)  is the same type of animal guess there type! Its waiting at the door when i’m come down the garden. times up!


by heath

My secret

My hart likes it that it could be the same as a fir would spire on fir. It’s whiskers are chopped of on one side because I  chewed them of by ardent.He is celled orange and has a very small also very very very very very very very very black eyes.It’s not very very soft but he is still a quite and very big big big big big big big big big so we took  it to the  animal hospital in lime readies.I love it so so much i could hug it for ever and ever.I’m ok with out  it for a night  but not for two nights.

By Megan