My Snowy Sunday

It snowed today in Trowbridge. Mummy, Daisy and me went for walk at the field with our dog Penny. The grass was muddy I slipped two times and jumped up and down in a massive muddy puddle. It was time to go home. Daddy made breakfast. We brought the duvet down and it snow again but we didn’t go outside. I read my book and had a big bubbly bath. Then me and Daisy heard some story book cd’s called Jack and the incredibly mean stalk, Rapunzel and her ever so shiny locks and Snow White and the seven dart frogs, they were brilliant books! Then we had a roast dinner for tea it was delicious and Yorkshire puddings are my favourite food yum yum! Then we watched a Christmas film called Jingle all The Way. How was your Sunday? Did it snow where you live?

From Willow x

super hand

Once upon a moonlit night there was a hand standing on a tower called Mr-tower. Then ruler man with joker teeth , laser killer, death toilet man , blow up man were taking hand man into his den.”he he he he he on to the death toilet and  Stampy into to the freazer.”cried the baddies. Two secs later hand man flew and grabbed Stampy and flew to the outside then hand-man climbed the mountain and then blow-up-man blew up the mountain man and laser-man rescued hand-man and Stampy. the real  heroes was saved , “see you skndral soon little-hand-face.”

Hand Land VS Candy Land

One faithful day Ice Pop Jo heard a terrible noise suddenly a bomb dropped into his house Ice Pop Jo screamed like a girl. All of Candy Land  knew what was happening a war had stared the youngest member of  Candy Land princess Agatha wondered what was going on “whats going on?” asked Agatha Queen Bubble Floss sighed  ” i don’t want to tell you this but a long time ago  hand king invaded Candy Land then Queen Luna one of the most powerful Queens vanished the Hand King into the Neather.” in  war Princess Agatha sore the one and only ULTIMATE BUBBLE GUM SWORD princess Agatha used the sword and got badly hurt.


Daisy, Jacob




the cool dude hand

Once upon a time there was a man called cool dude hand and he landed on earth in a space saucer  . he went into the city and sky dived off a skyscraper the super hand  said ”I’m going to fly away whilst he was skydiving whilst he was sky diving he was actually flying when he was skydiving  . Oh no candy is falling from the sky its going to turn into a candy land . A candy land i can eat everything he is about to fly away and invade. And then it all stopped and he flew back to his own planet .The end

By Wesley and Harry

cott and candy land

Ocse uponer time there was a unicorn at lived at candy land. The plasce was made out of candy the jelly beans for the grass the mud for choclote in the biginning the unicorn took a walk and ate some candy. She found a big,big ginger bread house she found a rainbow to. Then she went home. In the morning she got up early she ate her breckfast then she took a walk agin she looked at the ginger bread house and it had candy canns for the door she took a bite then it bedtime she went to bed. CHARLIE GRACE


In the beginning there was a big BIG BIG BIG BANG it crated a unknown land. Where we start is with a man and girl  named Alice and Heath they went flying into space they could breath in space and they came across a planet with; demon land,pug land,candy land,love land,secret land,quick land and animal kingdom land , fat land , boot land and unicorn land . So  they set crashing into pug land (with candy land connected) but then they swam to to demon land , and the ginner bread men and every other animals battled the demons to there harts fell out to take home and they went to fat land and they got in there rocket the end.

by heath and Alice.

candy world

Once upon a time there was a man called Eric . He lived in a candy house and was made out of a lolly  pop . his world was a bit different because it was made out of candy .Trees where lolly pops , water was melted chocolate and in the beginning it was all like the normal world the world was just the earth in them days water was water grass was grass  and the sea was sea but it was slightly different for Eric  as he lived in sweet world . he had to go to work in his sweet car every day !!!!!!

by Wesley and Rowan

Time portal of Doom!!!

Once o on a time a girl called exploratory and she billit a time Manichean and it took her back to the Dino age.In the beginning there was friendly Dino’s they were soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo friendly they needed to p in the sea and water Dion’s were sooooooooooo angry they were sick on there land.A friendly terror came down and gave her a ride all the way to America . Thank you Mr By By for now Mr. Indominous -Rex gave here a ride home a really bossy day. Mom  Dad I’m home love you xx .To be continued she played on here bed…

By Megan and Jacob