5 sentence challenge

The  lovely cottage is next to the colourful plants.

The lady is selling some wine to the people.

The people are at a car boot sale.

Jack and Poppy are feeding the horse with hay.

There are cucumbers, strawberries and tomatoes growing in the green house.

4 thoughts on “5 sentence challenge

  1. Wow Alice ! You have got a great imagination and it is is good to see that you have been remembering your punctuation and by the way to have an imagination makes you a special person.

  2. Goodness me Alice!
    You have certainly seen some amazing things in this picture. I really like the way you have given your characters name. It helps the reader to really get into the story.
    Very well done!

  3. Hello Alice, lovely sentences I like the fruit and vegetables growing in the greenhouse. I like the way you have said the flowers were all different colors.

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