5 sentence challengeT

Theres three  aeroplanes  flying in  the  prity  sky.

There  is  aaeroplane  about   to  crash  into the  cherch.

The  cherch  is  vERY TALL.

There aere some trees in the distance.

There is an old girl looking at the door.

By Ros, Eleanor and Emily

2 thoughts on “5 sentence challengeT

  1. Hello Ros, Eleanor & Emily!
    I’m so impressed with how closely you looked at the picture and in the quality of your sentences. Goodness me, you have been working hard and have used some great words. My favourite is about the airplane about to crash.
    Excellent work!

  2. Hello Ros, Eleanor and Emily.

    I really like the way you have chosen to focus on the things in the distance. I wonder what the old girl is thinking about.

    Hopefully the aeroplanes won’t crash!

    Thank you.

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