What  a  beautiful  breeze   in  the   distance   that  is!

The  boy   is   climbing    out   a    window   and he   is  9  years  old .

That   man’s    car   is  very    clean   and  very   fast.

Some  people  are  playing   archery care  fully  other  wise  they  might   get  hurt.

There  are   some   big   and  small  trees  near  the  house.

by   Wes and  Heath


1 thought on “5sc

  1. Hi guys. I’m smiling here as I’ve read through a few of these stories and I’m amazed at the differences in each story. It’s funny how everybody sees something different. I keep referring back to the picture and I’m amazed at how much there is to see. Well done on seeing the boy climbing out the window. I missed that! I wonder where he was planning on going?

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