Lovely Summers

There is a girl called Tilly picking flowers from the glittering flower garden.

The man is rowing a wooden boat in the rippling water.

There is a boy called Benedict fishing.

The lady is marrying Mr Bumble the carpenter.

The little girl is singing to the spotty dog.

By Alice


Introduction a mini beast  is a bug or a creature . Some don’t have skeleton inside it is outside to shed their  skin and are called invertebrates .


snail’s look like a slimy creature . They have a slimy body which is called a foot and a shell to protect them .Some snail’s live in the dark  damp places . All snail’s eat leas .Lots of snail  mack a slimy path to go on. Snail’s  have eye on their feeler’s and small feeler’s to smell.



A ladybird’s is a kind of beetie  with  rosy red wing’s black spot’s.

Lot’s of Ladybird’s  Live in light.

Ladybirds eat tiny Insects  called aphid or  Leas.

Ladybird fly most of the time .

A ladybird are bright colours so birds don’t  eat them



bee’s have black strips and yellow and white .

Some live in large groups called colonies.

Honey bees eat honey too.

They move by flying.

Bees can only sting once then they die.

5 sentence challenge

The pretty purple  and  blue  shimmering  mountains  are in the  light.  People are on a   pretty red rug  on a  picnic.

The red and yellow shimmery and shiny boat is comeing into sea.

The green brown really cold tree is shiner than the sun.

The big hotel is filled with people.

by Alice.

Garden Time

The pretty red roses are in a little basket.

The colourful flowers are in the old wheelbarrow.

The cute smelly dogs is telling jokes.

The lovely fairy is praying to God.

The boy and girl are getting water.

By Alice

5 sentence challenge

The  lovely cottage is next to the colourful plants.

The lady is selling some wine to the people.

The people are at a car boot sale.

Jack and Poppy are feeding the horse with hay.

There are cucumbers, strawberries and tomatoes growing in the green house.

My Christmas

I went to my nana’s I had fun we had a disguise peaty asome I Love my presans  I got clip and carry pikachu   and Megan

For Christmas I oped my presans I got a Cinderella picture. by Alice