mini beasts

Some mini beasts can walk , fly and swim.

Mini beasts can be very small.


They can be found in water and on land.


Snails look like a slimy body and a hard shell.

They eat leaves.

It slides along its own trail !

You may see a snail under a log.

Snails have small eyes.

Snails have small feelers.

Crane fly.

They eat squchy roots.

They move by flying.

They live under logs.

They only live for two weeks.

They look like giant spiders.

crane fly’s are three cm.

lady birds.

They live on leaves.

lady birds eat aphids.

They move by flying.

They look like red dots with black dots.

There are 15 diffrent types of lady bird.

They come in all different colours.




5 sentence challenge

The boats are floating on the lake like beavers.

The big hotel has lots of people staying in it.

The big tree has a big ladder in it going up to a tree house.

There are lots of mountains in the distance.

There is a man watching the birds with his child.

by Ros and Angus

garden centre

The little dog is sniffing the bigger bull dogs nose.

The little girl has dropped a gold coin and she is waiting for her wish to come true.

The big blue wheelbarrow is holding some colourful flowers.

The bright yellow flowers stare gleaming in the sun rise.

The well is so deep that her mum told her to be careful.

By Angus

5 sentence challenge

The dog is so tied.                                                                                                                    The lorry has broken down.                                                                                                        The horse is very tied because it has bin walking for hours.                                                  The house looks very old.

The people are very very hot.