Mini beasts


Mini beasts are small creatures.They need shelter ,water,food and air just like a animals.Mini beast live under logs,in light ore in water.Some Mini beasts walk,fly and swim.


Snails like to live in the dark and damp places like under ground.You might see them When they see predators come they hide in their shells.They are a slimy thing called a foot.Some snails leave  a silver trail behind it. All snails eat leaves.


Bees live in a hive where they make honey. They have black and yellow stripes across them. They eat nectar the sweet, sticky stuff in flowers.  Al bees can only sting once and they will die. Bees look too heavy to fly but they can reach 16kph. Bees talk to each other by dancing.


Ants are small insects that sometimes bite. They are really fast and ants can be meat eaters or plant eaters or some can be both. Some ants live in nests under walls and old tree stumps. Ants have a head and two body parts. Most ants are black, red and brown. Ants are about 5mm long.



The bright red flowers are shining  in the  bright orange sun! The girls dress is like a shining red light about to set on fire with big flames birsting. The people are buying flowers for a wedding that’s going to be the best wedding ever. The deep deep deep well is over 10,000 feet tall. the world can’t even fit in it’s so big! The gigantic church is going ding dong ding dong like it never had before!

5 sentence Challenge

The lorry is broken down and sitting there for hours.

The man is stroking the dog with unusual hands but a very clever brain.

The hors belongs to a verry sneaky, kind and fast man.

On the big yellow truc there is a big towel.

In the big hous the man is not ther but at a car boot sale.


in autumn the lefs foll to the grawnd.

People step on the leaves and crunch.

conkers are brown and hard.

It is lovely and the trees change colour.

In Autumn all the leaves fall off the trees.

by Ben and Albie

5 sentence challenge

The army car is posh and he was ready for battle.

The chickens are being fed.

The one the bike is going to the vets with the dog.

The church is very, very tall.

The aeroplanes are going to crash into teh church.

by Albie, Ben and Arlo