The phantom

Once there was a man in a magical, dark, black cape and he had bad magic powers that destroyed people that are superheros expect one which froze him and he was lock in a place for thousands of years.  One day a henchman unfroze him with his unfreezenator. Once again the bad guy destroyed the city and lots of superheros except one which was his father !!!  His father commanded him to stop but his son didn’t listen and kept destroying the world. His froze his son in place again in the hope that he would never hurt anyone again and the henchman was destroyed.

Ben and Dylan



A mini beast  is a small creature or bug that lives on the land or in water.

They need shelter, water, food and air just like other animals.

Mini beasts move in different ways some walk ,some fly and some swim.



They have one slimy body called a foot and a hard shell that protects them.

A snail lives in dark damp places.

The snails always eat leaves.

Snails move very slowly by sliding along a slimy trail that they have made.

They like wet weather.

The snails live for 5-25 years.



Ants have 6 legs and 2 body parts.

An ant lives in a large groups called colonies.

Ants eat meat and plants.

They do not have ears instead they feel movemnets through their feet.

Ants are very strong .



They have eight legs.

They are arachnids.

Spiders live in webs which are made from silk. Spiders eat flying insects which are caught in their webs. They crawl to walk. The arachnids are scorpions, mites and ticks.

5 sentence challenge

There  are some  brilliant   mountains  shining.

There are people watching the brilliant birds.

There is a cowboy coming out of a cowboy shop.

There is a owl sitting in a tall tree.

There is a old car parked in the car park waiting for its family to return.

by Ben and Dylan


Garden Centre

What beautiful rosy red flowers in the garden centre !

There is a puppy and a cub sniffing each other.

What a beautiful pink dress a girl has.

Some people are telling jokes to each other.

There are two men talking to each other.

By Ben

Five Sentence CHallenge

My brand new x wing it’s so cool because i made it by my self.

Our new topic called the  magic toymaker  it is good because we lean.

My new game tag it is cool because it is cool.

My new year resolution is getting more muscles.

Our new display is about a toy shop.







five sentence challenge

Theres  a  snoman   in  a  gudon  and  it    has  a  chect         hat   on    its  hed.

Theres  very nice children ice skating on a frozen pond.

Theres a man carrying sticks to a warm house.

By the house there is a light that is shining brightly.

There is a cold and freezing cat that wants to get in the house but the door is closed.

Ros and Ben