5 sentence challenge

I went to pokemon  a senter  on the x box.                                                                               i cach id a peecchoo it was sun and moon.                                                                               imade a  modll of a xbox.                                                                                                            i went to lego land.                                                                                                                         i went to the wom swiming pol.

by Benedict

In the summer my mummy and me are going to wales by the sunny beach .                         in the holodays i went to active Trowbridge and went on a bouncy big castle. In the holidays I went to wesley’s and played Disney infinity. In the holidays I went to my nans and went for a walk and enjoyed it. On the holidays I played sonic and came first.

by Aarron

5 sentence challenge

The gorl  Jessica ia looking at the white and brown horse.

The people are having a car boot sale because they need some money.

In the garden there are beautiful flowers growing.

In the green house there are some bunnies eating the green vegetables.

It is a sunne and nice day in the country.

five sentence challenge

The    snow     man     is   glighsaning      in    the   lihgt   .

The   cat    is    wait  to   get in the nis  wom halse.

people  are iscatigng on the gren ice.

the people are  having a grat time on there sleg.

The ducx are ner the darec brig.

By Benedict and Dylan

5 sentence challenge

the hay is big andstreshere . the shush is rreretjl.                                                                      the airoplanes is spitfires.

the armee car has a winch.

the house is hrd

by Benedict, Angus and Olly