walking dead

Once upon time  we  were walking in the woods  and heard gunshots  a zombie  statue was standing there like a tree. We weren’t scared of the statue because it was only a statue. Then it moved ! It was making noises that were muffled.  We then hid in the woods with our camo coats so the statue couldn’t see us. The statue was hovering like a jet plane looking for us . We had to stay hidden because it wanted to take us into his lab and do experiments on us. He flew pass us and we ran in the woods back to the car .

Benedict and Grace

5 sentence challenge

There is a little  boy on a little boat.

There is  a mum and dad  getting  married near   the  sensory garden  .

The house is very old it looks like its from the 1900’s.

There is a girl hugging her black and white dog.

The sensory garden has lots of rainbow flowers.

By Benedict



Mini beasts live in  water and land.                                                                                        Mini beasts are small creatures they  need shelter and water and food air  just  like animals . Mini beasts  are creatures like  snails,  bees and spiders.


They have  a  slimy body  cold a fox.and a shell  on there  back .Snails live  in dark  damp  places  like the  woods.  the  snail eats leaves . They live for 5-25 years. Snail have eyes on top of there feelers.


Spiders have 8 legs  and don’t  have antennae like insects.They live nearly  any  were  except  cold places .All spiders eat flies  from  there  webs .Spiders crawl  very  fast like a fast animals. Spiders are arachnids, they give you a red rash.


Ladybirds are often bright colours with spots.

They live near gardens, mountains, meadows and deserts.

They eat a aphids  and plants.They move by walking or flying .They have a  hard shell which protects their wings.  A ladybird is a kind of beetle.

By Benedict

5 sentence challenge

there are lots of  colourful  boats in the  water.                                                                          can you see the snowy mountains .                                                                                        what tall trees there are.                                                                                                             look at the big posh house.                                                                                                     look at the beautiful birds.                                                                                                                   by benedict and aarron

5 sentence challenge

The sun  is shining  like a  rocket  blast .                                                                                          There is flowers like a rainbow shining .                                                                                    The clock looks like big ben.

there r 2  dogs going crazy..                                                                                                      There is a babe locing over the wel.


I like chocolate because it’s tasty.

I eat chocolate under my bed so no one else can see me.

My favorite chocolate is fudge fingers because its yummy fudge encased in delicious milk chocolate by Cadbury’s.

Bournville is my favorite as its smooth, dark and rich.

I would  eat chocolate  every day if I could !

Benedict and Dylan

5 sentence challenge

I went to pokemon  a senter  on the x box.                                                                               i cach id a peecchoo it was sun and moon.                                                                               imade a  modll of a xbox.                                                                                                            i went to lego land.                                                                                                                         i went to the wom swiming pol.

by Benedict

In the summer my mummy and me are going to wales by the sunny beach .                         in the holodays i went to active Trowbridge and went on a bouncy big castle. In the holidays I went to wesley’s and played Disney infinity. In the holidays I went to my nans and went for a walk and enjoyed it. On the holidays I played sonic and came first.

by Aarron

5 sentence challenge

The gorl  Jessica ia looking at the white and brown horse.

The people are having a car boot sale because they need some money.

In the garden there are beautiful flowers growing.

In the green house there are some bunnies eating the green vegetables.

It is a sunne and nice day in the country.

five sentence challenge

The    snow     man     is   glighsaning      in    the   lihgt   .

The   cat    is    wait  to   get in the nis  wom halse.

people  are iscatigng on the gren ice.

the people are  having a grat time on there sleg.

The ducx are ner the darec brig.

By Benedict and Dylan

5 sentence challenge

the hay is big andstreshere . the shush is rreretjl.                                                                      the airoplanes is spitfires.

the armee car has a winch.

the house is hrd

by Benedict, Angus and Olly