half invisible half camo lion

The lion is half invisible half camo and it is golden.The lion loves gold and if he finds some he eats it up. If the lion finds silver,dimannd or emraled he”d headbut it of a clif. The lion likes to eat fish and meat. The lion likes people and it likes dogs. If the lion finds a glass he gets realy realy angry he start to chase them around. The lions frafroute coler is blue. The lion has a scar on his left leg. The lion can do trikes too. The lion can do backflips.

super hand

Once upon a moonlit night there was a hand standing on a tower called Mr-tower. Then ruler man with joker teeth , laser killer, death toilet man , blow up man were taking hand man into his den.”he he he he he on to the death toilet and  Stampy into to the freazer.”cried the baddies. Two secs later hand man flew and grabbed Stampy and flew to the outside then hand-man climbed the mountain and then blow-up-man blew up the mountain man and laser-man rescued hand-man and Stampy. the real  heroes was saved , “see you skndral soon little-hand-face.”

cott and candy land

Ocse uponer time there was a unicorn at lived at candy land. The plasce was made out of candy the jelly beans for the grass the mud for choclote in the biginning the unicorn took a walk and ate some candy. She found a big,big ginger bread house she found a rainbow to. Then she went home. In the morning she got up early she ate her breckfast then she took a walk agin she looked at the ginger bread house and it had candy canns for the door she took a bite then it bedtime she went to bed. CHARLIE GRACE


In the wood screemer in a black rode he was born in 1786 . he is a goast the gost kiled  people 1000000 . In 1986 the goast stoped  killing and there was a postcard was found  but the people did not no who they were . The next year it started to get dark and that ment at the goast came to atack . And the people were perpaird to fight . And a lot of poeple were frozon but the goast was killed . And he went to be under the grownd . There is a magic person is in inthiserble . And the people won the battle and he was nether to be seen. by charlie and hayden .

why would I hide it

I would hide a ginger bread man in a sweet wrapper . But where would we hide it all ? I would hide a bord game in a draw . I would hide a kindle under my pilo . Were would I hide my nintendo . I would hide a donut in my door . I would hide my games console under my draws . I would hide my wuiiu under the tv . I would hide my cars under my bed .I would hide my dads perfum under my bed . I would hide my dads credit card under my scarelechrix . I would hide my dads things under my draw .

by charlie and  hayden.



The house.

There is a boy on a very old rotten boat.

The stream is running outside the house.

There is a man fishing with old stick fishing rod.

The butefull clouds in the sky next to the sun shining.

There is a rose flower.