In the wood screemer in a black rode he was born in 1786 . he is a goast the gost kiled  people 1000000 . In 1986 the goast stoped  killing and there was a postcard was found  but the people did not no who they were . The next year it started to get dark and that ment at the goast came to atack . And the people were perpaird to fight . And a lot of poeple were frozon but the goast was killed . And he went to be under the grownd . There is a magic person is in inthiserble . And the people won the battle and he was nether to be seen. by charlie and hayden .

why would I hide it

I would hide a ginger bread man in a sweet wrapper . But where would we hide it all ? I would hide a bord game in a draw . I would hide a kindle under my pilo . Were would I hide my nintendo . I would hide a donut in my door . I would hide my games console under my draws . I would hide my wuiiu under the tv . I would hide my cars under my bed .I would hide my dads perfum under my bed . I would hide my dads credit card under my scarelechrix . I would hide my dads things under my draw .

by charlie and  hayden.



The house.

There is a boy on a very old rotten boat.

The stream is running outside the house.

There is a man fishing with old stick fishing rod.

The butefull clouds in the sky next to the sun shining.

There is a rose flower.