A minibeast  is a small creature that lives on land or water. They

don`t have a backbone or a skeleton so they are called invertebrates.


A snail can come in different shapes and and sizes. These slimy

creatures eat all leaves. They have a slimy body called a foot and a hard shell which it uses to protect itself.Snails make a silver trail

so they can they slide along it. They move at only 45 meters

per hour. You would normally find a snail in a dark,damp,muddy



A ladybird is a small beetle that has small round black spots

You would normally find a ladybird in a garde n.If your lucky you

might see a brown ladybird! Ladybirds eat a small green bug called aphids.They move by walking and flying.Some ladybirds

when they are larvae and when theirs not many aphids around

they  eat each other.


A bee is a small black and yellow striped insect

that stings people. Bees live in a yellow building called a hive this is were all the honey is made. They move by flying. Bees eat yellow sticky stuff called nectar.When a bee stings some one it will die. by Daisy


five sentence challenge

What astonishing flowers those are!

Those flowers are blooming with bright colorful color.

What is down that dark, slimy and spooky well?

Look at the cute adorable Labrador puppy with the ball dog.

In side the coffee room there are smells like delicious cake.


What a delicious food chocolate is!

Chocolate is so tasty because they added  a secret ingredient.

I love milk chocolate because it is brown

It is not very healthy for your teeth.

Do you like chocolate?

by Daisy and Alice




5 sentence challenge

On Saturday  me and  my family are going London it is going to be fun. It is for a birthday treat.We did not go in January which was on a Saturday. I need to pack Pooh bare, Jammy, Molly,Dolly, Pikachu and Robby. In half team Arlo came to my house for little bit  because he was going  for a sleep  over at  Ollie house.   by Daisy

Five sentence challenge

Is very sunny last week we had a little bit of snow.My band new frozen castle I Love my new frozen castle  because it lights up.Are new topic is the magic toy maker.Me and my friends are all going to play together. Now i am 7 i am much taller.


My new scabbard is new because I got it for Xmas.My new topic is the magic toymaker.

My new weather is snow and a bit of fun and very cold.

My christmas

At Christmas night I  took a peek at my stoking I saw a tiara then we all went in the living room. mummy forgot her glasses. I had to wait.In my present then was a Barbie hair doll. by Harriet

I woke up. Then mummy woke up. We went down stairs. Albert came down.Then we went back up stairs, woke daddy up. by Daisy.

Five sentence challenge

Jane lives in a welcoming coge.

A little black cat is sat on a worm winndow.                                                                                A little moon is brit.

The people are skitng on the ice.

I think it was takon 150 yers ago.


Daisy and Megan






Conckers are  brown , thare shells are green and spicky.

There can prick your hand ,their are smooth,  their grow in Autumn.

The leaves fall down on the ground and get destroyed by people walking on them.

Leaves grow on trees but in Autumn they change into diffrent colours.

The weather is cold and you have to wear a woolly jumper, scarf, a hat, gloves and ear muffs.

by Harriet and Daisy




5 sentence challenge

There  is arer plan in the air  .      There is a  Dog in the midll   ov road.   The  clouds are shaped like a dragon.  The  air smells like  a  ross. There is a brown cat in the village sitting near a chicken!

by Alice, Daisy and Megan