The magic shed

In Grandpas garden there is a shed not just any shed  but a magic one.

I went in once it transported me on to a boat i sailed for days and days.

Then i was on a island with a jungle i went into the jungle i had so much fun.

I jumped off a water fall,climbed the trees,talked to the animals i didn’t want to leave.

It was time to go home and i said goodbye and i sailed and sailed for days and days when i got home i wanted to tell mum but it was my secret.

candy invasion

On day  candy land was invaded by cats the cat army shot lasers at the castle and the castle blow into SMITHEREENS! One bit laned on I Pop Jo’s house “AHHHHHH!”went I Pop Jo like a girl then diamond mine cart cut his bathtub in half.Daisy and Jacob saw a strange thing it came down the drainpipe it was a little cat “hello”she said shyly Dan went nuts and pat said what are you doing. Dan screamed in pat’s face.A old lady       gave them the ULTIMATE BUBBLE GYM SWORD. and Dan,Daisy,Jacob,Pat and the little cat all went to the fat cat king and harmony can to the land.



the end

by daisy and jacob

Candy VS Evil

Once a poner time candy ruled the world.One day Ice pop Jo who was a rainbow ice pop abandoned Princess Bubble floss and then he turned into a vampire with tow gigantic fangs. princess Bubble floss telported Evil Jo to the moon were he could do no harm.One day the sky darkend and the moon seemed to come closer and closer suddenly a ship crashed stright into Princess Bubble flosses bed room and when all the smoke cleared and there was Evil Jo the Princess was expelled  out the window soon the Princess was in the desert she looked arouned  and then she looked arouned and all she saw a gigant uinocn.

willow and  daisy

My special object!

My special object is a not very bright but its yellow.

Its very skinny and he is very famous oh and is in a movie.

I take him around sometimes I`v taken him to the park once.

I sleep with him I can sleep with out him but its very unusual for me to.

I don`t know were I got him from well I have had him since I was 0.

If I`m sad I have to go and find him.

This might give it a way but he loves honey he`s got a red tee shirt a black nose can you guess?

A peaceful summer!

The sapphire never ending sky is blooms like a morning glory. In the garden there are sparkling rainbow mixed beautiful flowers. The emerald soft swaying grass is as week as can be. The willow sways in the soft breeze. There is a golden cottage just like the sun.

by Daisy

The village of Dorset

Two balloons fling in the breeze.

The church is so high that I think it will scrap the sky.

The post box is waiting for to post a letter on a sunny day.

There is a Petersen riding a bike.

A tree is so old it could snap.

by Megan and Daisy






A minibeast  is a small creature that lives on land or water. They

don`t have a backbone or a skeleton so they are called invertebrates.


A snail can come in different shapes and and sizes. These slimy

creatures eat all leaves. They have a slimy body called a foot and a hard shell which it uses to protect itself.Snails make a silver trail

so they can they slide along it. They move at only 45 meters

per hour. You would normally find a snail in a dark,damp,muddy



A ladybird is a small beetle that has small round black spots

You would normally find a ladybird in a garde n.If your lucky you

might see a brown ladybird! Ladybirds eat a small green bug called aphids.They move by walking and flying.Some ladybirds

when they are larvae and when theirs not many aphids around

they  eat each other.


A bee is a small black and yellow striped insect

that stings people. Bees live in a yellow building called a hive this is were all the honey is made. They move by flying. Bees eat yellow sticky stuff called nectar.When a bee stings some one it will die. by Daisy


five sentence challenge

What astonishing flowers those are!

Those flowers are blooming with bright colorful color.

What is down that dark, slimy and spooky well?

Look at the cute adorable Labrador puppy with the ball dog.

In side the coffee room there are smells like delicious cake.


What a delicious food chocolate is!

Chocolate is so tasty because they added  a secret ingredient.

I love milk chocolate because it is brown

It is not very healthy for your teeth.

Do you like chocolate?

by Daisy and Alice




5 sentence challenge

On Saturday  me and  my family are going London it is going to be fun. It is for a birthday treat.We did not go in January which was on a Saturday. I need to pack Pooh bare, Jammy, Molly,Dolly, Pikachu and Robby. In half team Arlo came to my house for little bit  because he was going  for a sleep  over at  Ollie house.   by Daisy