Minibeasts are small bugs or creatures that can be found on land or in water. They need shelter,water,food and air just like us.Some mini beasts can walk,fly or swim.


These slimy creatures have a slimy body called a foot and a hard shell which is there home.Snails can be found in dark damp places because that’s were they live.It eats green juice leaves.They make  slimy silver trails to help them move.All snails move 45 metres an hour.They live up to 5-25 years.


Ladybirds are often bright colours which warns other animals and birds not to eat them.Some ladybirds are red with black spots and some are black and brown with white spots.They live were they can find food to eat.Most ladybirds look for greenflies to eat but some kinds eat leaves.They move by walking and flying.There are 42 to different tipes of ladybirds in the united kingdom.


Bees live in hives in groups called colonies.Some bees are black with yellow stripe’s and some are black with white stripe’s.They eat nectar and sweet sticky stuff found in flowers.Bees move by flying.When bees sting they die.There are 900 cells in a bees brain.There are two different types of bees bumble bees and honey bees.Bees live in hives and talk to other bees by dancing.

five sentence challenge

In the distance I can see  a purple and blue mountains and the sky is shimmering  above the mountains!

The blue shimmering water is sparkling in the yellow fiery sun.

A cowboy  like person is  trying to shoot a bullseye with a bright gold arrow .

There people are having a picnic with delicious food.

everybody at the campsite is having so much fun but soon they will have to go home.

Emily and Daisy

5 sentence challenge

The cute golden puppy is sniffing the white and brown dog like there kissing.

The Singh that says garden shop is very bright and has lots of colours in it.

What a fantastic picture that is.

On the bright green grass there is a wheel barrow with lots of flowers in it.

In the tea rooms you can smell chocolate cake and you get cream teas.


My favorite  chocolate is dark chocolate because i’m not allowed milk chocolate.

I do not like chocolate because it is bad for you.

The best place to eat chocolate is at the seaside because it melts in your mouth.

I don’t eat it often because it’s bad for you.

chocolate is delicious.

by Emily and Albie

75 word challenge

The poor old owl is under a bright, orange mushroom because he doesn’t want to get his grey and black fluffy feathers wet.  On the mushroom there is a black millipede sniffing some juicy, tasty food. What horrible weather the weather is in this picture. The long blue raindrops are falling on to the bright green moss and making it all wet. Old owl your claws are sharp, spiky and very shiny and black.

five sentence challenge

In  the  holidays I went to Grandmas and Granddads house.

The weather was sunny and rainy .

We staid  at Grandmas and Granddads for two days.

I took some of my favorite toys and cloths . d Granddads  it took two hours.

By Emily


For my holidays I  went to nannas for five days  and  we played  some fun  games  to Geather .

Wen we  had only three  days left  me, Emily and  megan had a day out with mum or dad .

The weather   for  my holiday had sunny ,cold  and a bit worm.

We had to take some cloths’ socks and nicks with us

I took my three dragons called cloud jumper , storm fly toothless to nannas.

5 sentence challenge

In the distance I can see a beautiful ,brown and welcoming house.

Next to the barn there was some fast horses and a little girl was looking  at them.

On the grass there was a van with people in it  how were going to make an apparatus.

In the garden  next to the horse there was so veary pretty flowers that I like smeling.

The man is stroking the dog on the grass.

Five sentence challenge

My new topic is the magic toy maker and it is a fun topic.

for Christmas I got a Trolls  Annual and I play with it a lot.

My New’s year resolution is to do my spellings every night.

I normally go out with my mum and dad and tun to the park.

Outside we are having a lot more sun because it is getting into spring.

my christmas


On Christmas day in the morning I opened All my presents. The last present I opened was the Wistade i u with a game to go with it.Grampy  Grandma and Grandad came .we had lots of Emily.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 My Christmas  at Christmas I got up at 6.30 in the morning and I sated in bed then my sisters came in and wok me up again . And I came into the bed and so did my sisters and  sated in bed  until 7 o clock. then we went downstairs and so are stockings  full up and we took them WILLA

Five sentence challenge

In  the disduns    there is gleeing  moon and lots of stars.

Be  hind  the  houses  there  is  a  wellcoming  house.

There is big and butifull  snowman.

In the  house  there  are poepel   siting  around  the  fire  drineing hot  choclot  with  wipt  creem.

The water is frozen and people are skating on the ice.

By Willa and Emily