garden center

What a nice garden  center this is!

There  is a big grey well filled of water.

There is a little green gnome.

There are two rely cute dogs siting as still as a statues.

There is a little gnome home where the gnome lives.

By Eleanor

Five sentence challenge

I found a new game on friv and I made a new ninja game.

I made two big lego friends sets.

My new years resolution is to not drop the baking tray on my foot.

Our class topic is the magic toymaker.

My new book box is blue box ten.



my jolly cristmas

On     Christmas night I woke up in the morning but it was still dark so Dad told us to go back to bed. I opend one present and it was a wash bag.And on Christmas day I had a yummy Christmas dinner. by Eleanor

At Christmas I woke Mum and Dad and Lenny up at three o’clock. I got a magic tree that grew blossom and some more bubble bath and a cup. by Ros