Mini beasts don’t have backbones .A mini beast needs shelter,water,food and air.They can be found on land or sea.


A ladybird eats aphids.They live in meadows and gardens.They come in different colours like red ,orange and yellow .They fly and walk.


The snail  lives in very dark damp places.These snails look slimy and have a hard shell.They move so they make slime to slide along on .They eat leaves .They like wet weather . Ant. An ant can bite you if its red .Some types of ants can squirt acid up to one metre away.

5 sentence challenge

I see shining bright glamorous water

I can see shiny gorgeous snowy mountins.

I can see a beautiful enormous houses.

I can see extraordinary tall trees.

There is a rainbow hamick that is gorgeous.

by Grace and Theo