The Amazing HAND!!

Tom ,Amy ,Sam ,Megan ,Baby , Mum and Dad were at school picking Megan, Tom, Amy  and Sam just then a fire Mum shouted RUN just as Mum said run a super hand got out his finger and shot water on the fire !

The hand said come Amy , Tom , Sam and Megan they went

to war. Megan said ‘This isn’t today, you took us back in time’. Super hand said ‘my mum is in the war and she died but what? After they saw what super hand showed them, they knew why super hand became super hand!

by Alice and Harriet


mini beasts


Mini beasts are tiny creatures. They are sometimes called bugs or creepy crawlies.


They have a hard shell and a slmey bodiy.

Snails live in dark damq qlacses.

Thay eat lefs.

All snails move sloley with a slimey tral bhind them.







Gordon center

What a beautiful picture it is !

There is a fairy gnome by the wishing well.

The flowers are all different colours of the rainbow.

There are two cute dogs.

There are lots of flowers by the entrance.

By Harriet

Five sentence chocolate

what a yummy thing chocolate is!

Our favourite chocolate is almond and  whisper because we love it so much.

it tastes all gooey and melts in your mouth.

The best place to eat chocolate is in bed secretly because then your mum and dad don’t know.

we eat chocolate when it is a special treat.

Harriet and Eleanor


Five Sentence Challenge

My new Barbie crimp and colour and I really love it.

I started this new game with my friends it is called ninjas.

Our new topic is called ‘The Magic Toymaker’ It is fun because we get to bring in old toys.

The weather was different because it was snowing.

My bedroom is different because there is some new toys in it.