the workshop

The workshop has a pile of signs on one of them it said : gone fishing.

There is a broken toy car and a old doll house also a hammer next to some nails in the lovely bright workshop.

Two people have selected the old doll house in the old workshop.

There was a old grandfather clock in back of the shop because the shop is a very packed shop full of stuff.

There’s a sign inside the shop that said ; headquarters.


The mysterious workshop

One day, a man was getting hunted down but at home a noise came from the door , outside teddy’s,house teddy saw a gang of men who was trying to bash the door down “help” screamed ted “the horrible noise , it came down the drainpipe ” lied ted. The house the men lived in a workshop but it use to be owned by a old man so ted ran after them and he entered a big workshop. The next day, he put it on  all on news in the end the police found a hidden trap door and took them to prison for stealing money. The end. by heath and rowan




In the beginning there was a big BIG BIG BIG BANG it crated a unknown land. Where we start is with a man and girl  named Alice and Heath they went flying into space they could breath in space and they came across a planet with; demon land,pug land,candy land,love land,secret land,quick land and animal kingdom land , fat land , boot land and unicorn land . So  they set crashing into pug land (with candy land connected) but then they swam to to demon land , and the ginner bread men and every other animals battled the demons to there harts fell out to take home and they went to fat land and they got in there rocket the end.

by heath and Alice.

the animal jewel

Once upon a time in Africa in a big cave was a jewel if some one stole it all the animals will die and diaper. One sunny  spring morning a thief spy wanted to steal the jewel but he did not know animals would die and diaper . He stole the jewel and got a enforced jewel and said to his friend”but where will we hide it all?”. But an old about to die lion said a thief spy stole our jewel  the police went to gaga swamp where the thief spy lived they took him to south Africa’s prison and all the animals came back to life the end.


by Ben , Dylan and Heath

news report ghosts

one night in Bradford ghost were killing people  and came from a land called: 509998700 land. in 5 weeks they’ll return to England to kill the queen more Gards about 500 to stop them the will look like king Joe but his face invisible so look out . the mutts  were ghosts but  they died because a man called Londasala  ran 2000000 over for now  but there are 1111111 left . The  dead body’s turned into more ghosts . Ghost destroyed 500000000 buildings  only 9000000000000 was left now men is going crazy wacking there feather duster about but now there extincted but there are 100 more ghosts in the wild. more from charlie and heath report bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.



crime of wellies in the water!

I took this picture of a farmer in the woods upside down in a river . I took this at the blue bell woods.I wonder how he got there nobody knows how this happened . I took off a boot only to find  blood I was sure it was a farmer because I put my head under the water and found a dungarees I took them up and,found a pin  now the investigators are looking at it. We found the garden and it had a big pond and five coco nut trees. All of the village are looking for clues so far nobody as found anything if you found any clues come to blue bell woods now and report.


by daisy and heath       report not real

try and guess my secret in 50sec or less?

It’s not at my house but it’s my family pet can you guess it in  50sec or less? It is warm and soft and have strong claws hurts me when ever I walk in to nanny’s houses doors it is cuddly but don’t get confused with Chloe. It sleeps down stairs in the house have you guessed it  ? It is good when it wees on its mat .  Its my family’s secret so don’t tell. Its fur is not too long and his big sister (or mum)  is the same type of animal guess there type! Its waiting at the door when i’m come down the garden. times up!


by heath

Trip to London

On Sunday and Monday I was in London. First we said bye to Jacob where Lawson played rugby and after started our long car journey. First stop was McDonolds then we drove for 2h where we were met lots of traffic. another 2h later we arrived at our destination.

When we got to uncle Fran’s house we had a good night sleep we woke up early and had breakfast, then drove to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

We waited in the waiting-room then the nurse looked at my heart. They measured my heart beat and took pictures using an ecg (echo cardiogram) machine and some stickers.Then a doctor talked to us, he said I was fine and my heart was ok. We went to a book shop and bought a robot making set then we got to the car and drove home. On the way home we stopped to get  some food and when we got home mummy and Lawson  was delighted.

by Heath

professor crocodile and the dinosurs

chapter 1 the dinosaurs

Once there was a professor crocodile  that made a time machine he jumped  and took the dinosaurs to the current- day were they wrecked  the world .

chapter  2 Dino world

In   the purple lab the professor was twisting his head thinking he suddenly made a dino house they all jumped in as they went in they fell in the Dino time they twisted there heads.

chapter 3 the gignotosurus.

But the gignotosurus could not fit though the door he Ran into the city he ate every one then the professor was finding this difficult  beat the monster he climed  and sprinkled smallness on him. the end.

by Heath and Ben

old freshford

What a old fashion picture this is!

The blue ocean water is gleaming in the pond.

The watermill is spinning around like a fidget-spinner .

The thatched roof of the yellow house has a bird with white feathers is making its nest on the house.

There is a boat  softly  floating with a boy laying inside!