professor crocodile and the dinosurs

chapter 1 the dinosaurs

Once there was a professor crocodile  that made a time machine he jumped  and took the dinosaurs to the current- day were they wrecked  the world .

chapter  2 Dino world

In   the purple lab the professor was twisting his head thinking he suddenly made a dino house they all jumped in as they went in they fell in the Dino time they twisted there heads.

chapter 3 the gignotosurus.

But the gignotosurus could not fit though the door he Ran into the city he ate every one then the professor was finding this difficult  beat the monster he climed  and sprinkled smallness on him. the end.

by Heath and Ben

old freshford

What a old fashion picture this is!

The blue ocean water is gleaming in the pond.

The watermill is spinning around like a fidget-spinner .

The thatched roof of the yellow house has a bird with white feathers is making its nest on the house.

There is a boat  softly  floating with a boy laying inside!

mini beast report


Mini beasts are small creatures that can be found on land or water. They all need air,water,shelter  and food gust like animals. All mini beasts such as ladybirds,spiders and pond skaters can walk fly or swim.



Snails have a slimy body and a shiny shall with patterns. Theses slimy creatures live in dark damp places and they eat leaves. It  slides along a long a slimy trail that it makes with its foot! Snails live up to 5-25 years. They have eyes on its feelers.

Snails use there shall to hide.

Crane fly

Another name for a crane fly is Daddy long legs. Daddy long legs have six legs and a thin  body. Daddy long legs can be found in dark damp places. Daddy long legs eat roots and organic stuff! Daddy long legs use his legs and wings to move around the world.Daddy long legs is 3 cm long.Crane fies live for 2  weeks. They do not eat when there adults.


Spiders have  legs  and feelers  to  make webs to catch food to eat. Spiders eat mouses,lizards and birds.They all use there eight legs to  move. Spider are from the arachnid. over members of the arachnids family includes scorpion,mites,ticks and harvest men. Spiders are arachnids not a insect.





five flowers chlaning


What a colourful place that is!

There is rose red roses,yellowy bright  dandy lions,picky purple lilac  and very green stems


There are two dogs one is a chwawa and the over is a pug.

In the corner of the garden center is a blue wheelbarrow.

In the over corner is an angle which is gorgeous.

The tea room is crowded so lots of people want tea!





chocolate treat

What a hungry prompt this is!

I love to eat chocolate every where!

Dark chocolate is the yummiest chocolate in the world because nearly every chocolate thing is made out of it.

We eat fifteen peses of chocolate every month.

chocolate  is gooey tasty and a nice treat to eat every day of the moth.

by Heath and Theo



5 sentence challenge

The people is waiting for the bus to get out of the mud.

A dog is sleeping because it had a long walk.

All the soot case have fall out.

The horse belong to old Timmy.

In the house lives old Timmy,Mrs gray,Mealy,Tom,White speck.

Five Sentence Challenge

My brand new 3D pens are brilliant because they can allow me to draw in the air !

With Megan I should my Pokemon on Pokemon Go.

Our Clover Class topic is ‘The Magic Toymaker’, I learnt that Victorian toys were made out of wood and metal.

My New Years resolution is to keep learning.

On New Years Day I slept at Jacob’s and Megan’s Nanna’s house and when me, Megan and Jacob we were in a Pokemon mood because it the 2nd of January , it was fun because we played together.



My Christmas

Santa     got       a   metal detector  a     Pokemon   book    and    some    Pokemon   cards a    controlled car    .

i     went       to      my      grans     house.

by Dylan

For Christmas I got skylanders  trap teem  skylanders imagornaters  miles from tomorrow hover bord  by Heath




Five sentence challange.

People   are icskating   on the  river .


The snowman   is  big.and  still   and   has  stick   arms.

The house is cozy.and snuggly.and  warm.

The river   is  frozen. solid. because   the   ice    did  it.

A man   is      pulling   a  tabogen   and   working hard.

by   Wesley   and     Heath.