Pointy soft fury ears like a pilow.

Long cyoot bright tale like a silky hair

Black  brown pounty nose like a party hat

Long strate legs like neadls.

by Hattie

Hattie and the spider

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Hattie. She lived in a little cottage with her family. Hattie had little rosy cheeks and green eyes and long hair . She lived by a wood. One day her mummy and daddy told Hattie to stay in the house with her sister. “We will bring you some buns  when we come back from the market” they said. So that is what Hattie did. Hattie stayed a little while but then she got bored and took her sister outside where her friends were playing. Hattie put her baby sister down on the grass. Soon Babba Yaga’s spiders came down and took Hattie’s sister away. When Hattie looked back she was surprised and she ran in to the woods to get her sister. Suddenly the spiders came. She was frightened and she ran back to the house with her sister. The end.