Alien from out of space

We  were in new  zelond   at  nihgt  and a hand  dropt  fome a portal  in the sky  it  landed  on Christchurch.  He is  mand  whith  fingers whth a malth and  with  a nose and is   eyebraws . kandy kan  werld in the sky  like a  sooper hiroe  .and he floo of the building  and he ran and he was chasing us and we and we fote that we lost  him and he fand us  in a alye and we slide daln and ran a wa and we did and did parkor and we was stil chasin us and we made frense.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        by  benedict  hayden

welys in the sea

Somebody is in the water with welys on . There is lots of things in it . There is lots of leafs in the water . The jeans look mestearese . The water looks cold. The plancks are in the water .  There is a frog in the water .  The man is looking for his wach . The lake is darty . The lake is runing down . There  is jules . He is doing a handstand . There is a fox . There is a figitspiners . There is a chain . There is a lized . I dont now that he is alive . There is a lost cat in the forist .

by Charlie and Hayden