This Year In Clover Class

I have really enjoyed this year in Clover Class in year three. Their have been some very fun topics this year like the circus, our world, romans and  finally turn it up. I have learnt lots about these topics and have had the most fun ever!

Going Camping

On Friday 1st of May I went camping with my family and I made some new friends,we built a den and played a lot of fun games! We were going to watch birds in our den but we missed the chance to see all of them. Next to the camp site there is a big wall which you can climb up with a harness. The wall was 10m high and I climbed right to the top!

Louis Braille

This week we have been leaning about Louis Braille.  Louis lived in France on a farm with his mum,dad, brother and sister.  When Louis was three he fell of a stall and cut his eye with a very sharp knife!


by Susan and Jenna

The Three Little Reindeers

I did rite about the three little Reindeers on Munday and I finisht it on Thursday. What hapoond in the story was the reindeers got eaten by the mene tiger but the thered reindeer was clever so he bilt his heoues of clay.

by Jenna

My dols huoes

I have made a cichin with my frends out of carbord and mitrlls and boxs and  prity mitirls. I did do it with isobel and Regge and my neme is Jenna and we are frends. We did mack the cooshoonss out of spung and the seets wer made out of carbord.           by Jenna and Isobel