Skruffy ,light, dark eyes like the midnight sky.


Fury,spiky, long ears like a sharp knife.


Little ,wet, fat nose like a round ball.


Bendy, big tail like a ponytail.


Messy, cuddly fur like a cuddly teddy.












What We Acted Out.

Clover  and thistle class went into the hall and we saw somebody sitting on a chair who was called James. He was ready to tell us a story about little Inchkin and after the story we acted it out with instruments and swords and I loved it so much!

dols house

It  was  very  fun  becuase  we  did   lots   of   stickingand    and     gloowing.     We   used   paper   what   had    bricks     on    it   it   was   very   fun.    We  used    lots  of   things.                 Mya   and   Matthew