Time portal of Doom!!!

Once o on a time a girl called exploratory and she billit a time Manichean and it took her back to the Dino age.In the beginning there was friendly Dino’s they were soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo friendly they needed to p in the sea and water Dion’s were sooooooooooo angry they were sick on there land.A friendly terror came down and gave her a ride all the way to America . Thank you Mr By By for now Mr. Indominous -Rex gave here a ride home a really bossy day. Mom  Dad I’m home love you xx .To be continued she played on here bed…

By Megan and Jacob

The unded

Once pon a time a boy named Steve and he billta a unded portal and when he got there he saw blud and bones every were. He went up to him and his eyes flashed open his eyes are yellow and his clowk is black.’thank you for releecing me!’OK I mite go over there out of your way so you can get on . Your not going eney were boy . Ho no. ar . Flash  you are one of me now .no .I will give you a new name how about rook flash.

By Megan and Jacob

Candy land

Once a pon a time a Boy named A.J.  he billt a candy portal made out of candy and he went though it and he saw lots of candy. The portal took him far far away to a different Dimension and his portal crashed down. After his portal crashed down the lights went out and a candy sheep jumped scurd them.He saw all of the candy but were should we hid it all? I said to my self quietly so I found a little spot in the lift but later in the day had ended so I fixt up the portal and I huged my teddy.

By Megan and Jacob

100 word challang

The streets are busy and full with people rushing to the shops before they shut every single one.There is lots of house lit rite to the top.There is some Ghosts .There  is some ghosts walking throe the dark dark dark streets jumpskering  people so they did jumpskering every one . The ghosts are doing a ghost bogy in the town . “everybody run”so they did run rushing to the shopps  oh on hellp me some one gust hehp me I’m getting eaten by them place help help help help help help help help help help help help place gust helllllllllllllllllllllpppppppppppppp .

By Megan , Hayden ,Jacob and Rowan

Live news called wellies in the water!

I’v arrived at a pond and I found a pair of welly boots up sighed down.I looked under the water and nothing to be found so I put my hand under and I felt a other hand.In the clear water I stood on a plank and I tried to pull them up.


I should kick them to see if It’s fake just to make sure It’s not alive.I took their wells of to see if they would move.I  kept  on  moving  in till  they  moved so I shouted to see if they had moved just to make tripodal sure.

By Megan and Jacob


On Wednesday Clover class made a Harvest loaf and it was so fun because I learnt how to make a plait out of bread and a head of a corn. Me and Jacob did a one -hundred word challenge. After school we went to code club and did scratch junior and we told a charter what to do and how to do it! Then we had a little play after school then we went to Nana and Grandpa’s house. Now my sister and cousin’s are making a den out of pillows , chairs and blankets.

by Megan

My secret

My hart likes it that it could be the same as a fir would spire on fir. It’s whiskers are chopped of on one side because I  chewed them of by ardent.He is celled orange and has a very small also very very very very very very very very black eyes.It’s not very very soft but he is still a quite and very big big big big big big big big big so we took  it to the  animal hospital in lime readies.I love it so so much i could hug it for ever and ever.I’m ok with out  it for a night  but not for two nights.

By Megan



You can recognize a min beasts because they are small and can fly,walk or swim.          Mini beasts  don’t have a backbone so they are called invertebrates.                                They need water.shelter and food to live.


A snail is a small creature  with one slimy bobby called a foot and a really hard shell.        They live in dark,damp places like under logs.They eat leaves there yummy for them but not for us.They move very slowly like you were in sol moshes.Snails live up to 5-25 years that’s very long for a snail to live.


The Cranefly has 6 long thin legs on each side.They live in dark damp places.They move by putting one leg forward at a time and are 3 cm long!They eat roots they are yummy for me but not for you!


A Bee has yello and black strips acros it’s bobby.The Bees live in big groops called colonies and hives.They eat the stiky stuf in flowers.They move by flying.Bees can only sting once.Then they die.



Five sentence challenge

A lazy, tired and young man is dozing in a bright colourful hammok.

One,two,three mum I cant count!

The green and purple mountains are getting bigger everyday because they are magic!

The beautiful deep lake is very busy because people are going sailing on it what fun!

Some people are going birdwaching  and are reading a book how many birds do you think they can see?

By Millie and Megan




What a fuzzy little puppy that is!

The house next to the well is shine,green and beautiful like a flower!

How I see the lovely sunshine glimining on the roof.

Two people are getting married  so they need some flowers wich ones do you think they will choose?

A little girl called Meghan is holding a lead of an alsation.

By Megan