A mini beast is a small creature or bug that can live in water or land. They have no  backbone or skeleton in their body, which means they’re invertebrates. Mini beasts move in different ways some walk, fly and swim.


You can find snails in your garden they also like dark and damp places like under a log. Snails have a body called a foot which they slide along on it. While it’s sliding on their foot they make a silver trail which helps them to slide. All snails move 45 meters per hour. All snails eat leaves. A snail can live from 5 to 25 years old. They have eyes on their feelers. They have a rough tongue. They like the damp. All snails don’t have teeth they just suck and  swallow their food.


Ladybirds eat thousands of aphids during it’s life time.You will find ladybirds where there are trees and stems of flowers. Adult ladybirds first get their spots when they come out of their pupa. All ladybirds move in the same way and that’s walk and fly. Some ladybirds are red with black spots and some are brown with white spots. Ladybirds have two eyes that can see up down to the left and to the right all at the same time! They have two feelers for touching and jaws for biting.


The bee is the only creature that can give us food honey! Bees eat nectar collect the pollen and fly to the next flower. So the pollen that the bee collected goes back into the flower that the bee is searching. All bees live in hives and talk to other bees by dancing.Bees live in hives, in large groups called colonies. They have black and yellow stripes across their bodies. Bees make honey to eat, in the winter people and other animals eat honey too. Honey bees do a special sort of dance to show other bees where to find food.All bees move in the same way and that’s walk and fly. There are two sorts of bee the honey bee and the bumble bee.


five sentence challenge

What a lovely world of flowers there is!

There is an angel preying to a frog and the frog is ribbiting to the dogs.

The two dogs are kissing because they want to get married.

A girl and a boy are looking down a well and at all of the coins while a knone is coming to life.

I have not been to a garden center to buy flowers for a long time. by Millie!



The chocolate is melting in my mouth because  I have hot spit.

When I eat chocolate it makes me feel silly because it is so yummy.

My chocolate tastes super power good because I LOVE it!

What super yummy chocolate I LOVE to eat squishy , cold  and melting.

Marshmallows and chocolate go well  together.

By Megan and Millie!

five sentence challenge

The mechanic is fixsing the bus because it has  broken down and the people want to get on the bus to go on their day out.

The big posh house is ownd by some very rich people who can aford it.

There are lots of nice yummy things to buy at the Summer market.

The horses are ownd by the King and Queen they have been loked up so that the horses cant exscape!

The man is having a picnic and is eating a yummy sandwich.

five sentence challenge

My  new Yo-yo  panda  is  lovely  because  she is relay  play full  and  fun!

My new topic is magic  because  it is all about toys and how they work.

my new game  with my friend is zoos because we both like animals.

I am starting Brownies because I have all ready reached the end of Rainbows.

My new years restitution   is to dance every day.

by Millie

Our Christmas

My  favourite   Christmas  present   was  Yoyo   panda.

Later  on  Mummy  Daddy  and  my  sister  all   went  to  Babas   house   and  had   Christmas  lunch .  After   lunch   we   all   opened   our  presents.

I  also  got   a Roudolph  my favourite   bit  of  Christmas  was  spending   time   with  my   family.    By  Millie

At Christmas my favourite  two presents were my nerf rebelle and my karaoke machine  that you plug in to the tv and the words come up on the screen.All my relatives except for Granny because of nellie came round even my cousins Matthew and Lauren came round .My birthday was a week before Christmas  and i got lots of great presents like my heelys .I also got a singing  aqestria girl . my favourite part of Christmas was the presents.       by Jessica


Leaves  are  falling  and  changing   collers  red,  brown,  orange  and   yellow.

In  Autumn   we   start   to   wear  hats,  skarfs,   gloves  and    earmofs.

We  start   to   eat     porrage      for    breckfast,         sasigees       for    lunch.

In     Autumn  conkers     start      to     fall       down     and  are   stood      on      by     big     boots.

When    leaves    fall   down     they    get     crunched      by    people     who    tred   on     them.

by Jessica and Millie

5 sentence challenge

There is a army plane fliying  in  the  air and a amy  car who  are going to  the  army. Joe  was  feeding  the  brown  and  white  chickens. There is a black  and  white  dog  sitting  in  the  road.There is a bale of hay  in a red tractor .there is a army car speeding verry quikly.

by Jessica, Millie, Willa and Harriet