Magical Creature

I saw a magical creature in the distance it had butterfly wings that were awfully  beautiful.The wings were symmetrical on both sides it was fantastic to look . on the body it had emerald green skin but it’s  shaped as a a horse. the creature was magical it could breath fire the fire was blue  and  could  go under water and when it went under  water it turned into a  gold fish .when it wasn’t  under water  it chats  very loudly and it’s eyes were the colour  of the sun  I heard it say my name is Gigi but it is a  meet eater and lived in the wood.                                                                                                                                                                  by Neve Alice and Ros

Tom and Amy and the mystery ring !

Tom and Amy  were walking to the park Amy was about to show  Tom her new ring but it was not there Amy looked every were e saw in the park.Tom looked at the drainpipe and  saw it  come down the drainpipe Tom gave it to her Amy said were did you find it  Tom told her it came down the drainpipe.Amy hugged him in delight.They went home and told mum that she got a new ring.Tom said that he got a new toy.Mum was very very happy.They went upstairs and played with there new things that they brought they played  they lived happily ever after.


the end           Neve and Alice

Super candy hand

There was a man who invented candy land.

He made a candy hand and all the candy was made from Professor.

Professor loved making things also he liked Invented.  Candy land was his biggest project in the world.Finally candy land was complete but  there were some trouble everyone was worried. Then super candy hand came now everyone was save again.

But candy hand got stuck on his ginger bread house year after year after he was stuck.Then he found away to escaped just in time to escape from the bad guys. After that he finally he made it  to the people of  candy land.

the end

by Neve and Ben


5 Sentence Challenge

The  boat  is  brown  bright  and  shiny.

The  sun  is  yellow   and  blinding  and  shiny.

All  the  flowers  are   shiny  in   the  sun.

The  blue  shiny   sky.

The grass is green like a lime and very shiny.

By Neve