Mini Beasts


Mini beasts aer sometimes called bugs or creepy crawlies.

Mini beasts live on  beasts live on land and water.

Mini beasts move in 3 different ways, flying, swmming and walking.



They have slimy slipry bodys and a shel on ther bakc.

Snals live in damp darkc plases lice a log.

Snals eat leefs and letis.

They have a fot that macs them move.

Snals have eyes on ther tope of thir long feelus.


bees have black and white strips on them.

They live in hivs in grops cold colnys.

They eat necter that come from flowers.


5 sentence challenge

The mountins are lic big sandjunes.

In the big house ther is a  party going on at the party ther are 32 peopole ther.

By the massive tree there are people hunting for rabbits.

At the burnt house there are people getting ready to go on a boat.

People are having a picnic outside on the grass.

By Ollie and Arlo





5 sentence challenge

what byootifl rossis shining in the sun lic shiny stars!

The little girl is going to ask her mum if she can go to her friends house.

The other little girl is collecting water in a bucket to drink.

The grown ups are looking for something to buy and put it in their garden.

In the cafe the man is eating toffee cake and drinking tea.

By Ollie


Ollie and Arlo

My favorite chocolate is milky way because it taste like melted chocolate.

I like to eat chocolate in the garden as its hot and sunny.

It looks like melted, chocolaty fudge or melted caramel like a huge chocolate river.

I like to eat chocolate in the home so it doesn’t melt and I don’t have to share.

If I could I would eat chocolate every day all day !



5 sentence challenge

I can see a  wunderful, bright and warm house.

The man is letting the wonderful, b eautioful and kind girl have a go on the horsel

All the wundfui people live in the most wonderful house.

The house is a wonderful farm house.

In teh sun the wonderful house is very new.