The Ghost Statue

A ghost went in the pretend statue and went under ground. He saw a glow up stone. It made the statue arms move because it had special powers., Then the glow up stone went missing. The real ghost broke the tree, lucky it didn’t hit the statue, he was trying to fine lots of special stones.Then he found fifteen stones which he use to make a special potion to make the statue come alive., but it didn’t work .Instead it made the head fall off the statue and the leaves on the tree fall off. The ghost then disappeared back underground until more stones appeared.

Oliver (and Mrs Sage)

Mini Beast Report


A mini beasts is a small creature called bugs or creepy crawlies.

need shelter, water, food , air just like us.



Snails have a slimy body and a shell. They have a shell to protect themselves.

It lives in dark places like under logs and in their shells.

The snail  eats leaves for food.

When they move they side along                                                                                        And leave a slimy trail.


Bees have black and yellow stripes on their bodies.

Bees have a sting but if they use it they will  die.

Bees live in hives in large groups called colonies.

There are about 50,000 bees in a colony.

They eat nectar  the sweet sticky stuff found in flowers.

Bees move by flying.

A bee talks by dancing.

The queen bee lays 1500 eggs a day.

One bee will make 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in it’s life.

Eating honey can help you become smarter.



They have 8 legs.

They are an arachnid.

Spiders live in webs.

There are many different webs orb, hammock and funnel.The web is made out of silk.

Spiders eat flying insects that get caught in their web.

A  spider crawls.

Other arachnids are scorpions, mites and ticks.

Spiders do not have antenna.

Spiders are found all over the world.

There are around 10,000 different species of spiders.

By Oliver

5sentence challenge

An old man stroking the                                                                                                                The   livedinthecanper ran.

They person was  stroking  a dog

The children were playing.

They had ,music.

five Sentence Challnege

I had an xbox one because it was for Christmas.

I like my Pokemon cart because they are fun.

I got pig goes pop with my counting.

I got white chocolate for Christmas because it is my favourite.

Mummy and daddy have a new truck  and  I like  it  it  is nice.