Super hand to the rescue

Wons a pon a time soopu hand will sav the day wons agen . I love you  darling I love you to my love . Yesday soopu hand sarved king caspu and Queen ilzbuf and prinses perll and prince charming . He jest fell out of the ske . He sarved shoogu land from a monstu .The people of his citey was very prad .3 wes a go he savd the school  of yonecons from the spid monser .aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr crid the chidon as they sor the mons . You are my love siad  girl hand yes you a my love siad boy hand now I will cis you .

Fifi and Ros

5 Sentence Challenge

The beautiful  splashing river is shining in the blue cool breeze.

Swishing gentle the breeze the willow tree moves.

Three green trees are growing in the background.

The fluffy white clouds look like candy floss.

A big sheep dog is wagging his fluffy tail.

By Ros



MINi BEASTS  come in  different shapes and  sizes. mini beast  can  be in different  places. Some can go in wort or land .they  have no back bones so  they called invertebrates.


A   snail   is  a  small creature that lives    in  a    dark  place. They eat fresh leaves. If they have to they eat rotten food. Snails move on a slippery pad called a foot.


ants  are little insects  because  they have six legs and 3 body parts. Some are red and some have wings so they can fly. Ants live in little nest in the day to be safe and some live in stones with wood lice.Ants eat green, nice, glittery, crunchy leaves that the queen ant tells them to. Sometimes they take things. All ants move like a little insect scuttling along on their 6 legs. the queen ant tells the ant to do anything or else they will get told off by the queen. She stays at home to look after the children. The queen ant is the biggest ant in the family.

By Ros


There is a girl called Amy, she is wearing a beautiful white cardigan and a beautiful sun rise dress.

Her baby brother Lenny is playing with a brick.

Inside  the window there is a smart man pouring tea.

The ladbordor is a lovely dog with fur as soft as snow.

The fairy by the wall has a number on that is gold and sparkly.

By Ros


Milk chocolate tastes like milk.

My favorite place to eat chocolate is my room.

I eat chocolate once every week.

We like chocolate because it is the best food ever.

chocolate is not healthy because it has lots of sugar.

Angus and Rosalyn



Wot   a   horrid   day   it   is  !   The   owl  is   sheltering   under  the  orange   bright   mushroom. On the ground moss and leaves lay. The baby owl doesn’t want to get wet. She is feeling scared, she wants her mummy. How long will it take until this mushroom falls down?

by Ros

The owl is roosting under the mushroom waiting for the rain to stop. What heavy rain it is! How waterproof is this orange mushroom? The owl is half wet, half dry, wishing it was in its nice and warm but dark barn, thinking I want to go home.

by Albie

5 sentence challenge

There is a beautiful brown horse with white legs.

Theres a yellow van near a bush.

The white horse lives in the house.

Joe is selling lots of stuff for houses.

There are beautiful coloured flowers in the distance with green leaves on.


Five sentence challenge

My new   topic  is  the  magic  toymaker because it’s near Christmas.

I have a new torch because my own torch ran out.

My new year resolution is great and bright.

I play with my friends  ninjas on Wednesdays.

on  wednesday i go home  with  kathy   to my house.