Milk chocolate tastes like milk.

My favorite place to eat chocolate is my room.

I eat chocolate once every week.

We like chocolate because it is the best food ever.

chocolate is not healthy because it has lots of sugar.

Angus and Rosalyn



Wot   a   horrid   day   it   is  !   The   owl  is   sheltering   under  the  orange   bright   mushroom. On the ground moss and leaves lay. The baby owl doesn’t want to get wet. She is feeling scared, she wants her mummy. How long will it take until this mushroom falls down?

by Ros

The owl is roosting under the mushroom waiting for the rain to stop. What heavy rain it is! How waterproof is this orange mushroom? The owl is half wet, half dry, wishing it was in its nice and warm but dark barn, thinking I want to go home.

by Albie

5 sentence challenge

There is a beautiful brown horse with white legs.

Theres a yellow van near a bush.

The white horse lives in the house.

Joe is selling lots of stuff for houses.

There are beautiful coloured flowers in the distance with green leaves on.


Five sentence challenge

My new   topic  is  the  magic  toymaker because it’s near Christmas.

I have a new torch because my own torch ran out.

My new year resolution is great and bright.

I play with my friends  ninjas on Wednesdays.

on  wednesday i go home  with  kathy   to my house.