5 sentence challenge

There is a purple,violet,reflecting and unique car standing on the green and brown.

How many people come here ever day?

In the distance there is the biggest church in the world!

All of the people are very happy,kind,fun and good.

One of the clowds look like a white and ferry  fish.

By Rowan


In the town a magic cup shot out of a little girl’s phone.If you go in the cup you will teleport were ever it goes and you NEVER escape! No knows why it here or what it wants .One day a little man was brave enough to go near it screaming he was eaten and no one  ever heard from him again.When it landed it scooped up half of the ground.The little girl faced her fear and went up to it and said “Oh hi i er let you out the phone would you er stop hurting people please?” and so she sucked him back.



by Daisy and Rowan

The woershop

In the woershop was a old man with a little boy.

did`t  you now they are spies?

They have a trap door on the fior.

When the uver spies need them they go throo the trap door.

This day, they were cood…

hand vs evil hand

Once a upon time a evil hand and a good hand lived.The evil hand  destroyed city’s the good hand helped the city’s. Chapter TWO   Evil hand had lasers  in his fingers.The good hand has lemonade in his finger  and  he shoots  sweets out of his mouth.The  good hand won.There wont be any more wars.Good hand has 20 power ups  in

his brain.when he wants to yous them he gets power.The evil hand found the secret base.They had to live in master pikachu secret base. The evil hand never ever found them again.The end

by Rowan and Dylan




the black JEDI from star wars

Up in space the black JEDI got shot in the arm because the black JEDI and  Chewbacca was having a fight . He floated down to earth and when he reached the atmosphere he fell and went bump in a big tree god was angry with him because he could use the force so god turned the black JEDI into stone but back up in space there was a great fall every bad guy fell and turned into stone as well   so the dark-Vader was angry he took down Chewbacca and loci and the fight went on till 9099 and the fight started at   7071 the end


by Rowan and heath

Ghost Picture

The  people  are  going    to   the  shop. There  is  lots  of  house  and  people. What are the  people  doing? The  house  is  glowing .The  people are  wearing weird clothes.

Are the  people  ghost? There is  zombies  and   ghost. The people are trying to be ghost..

One of the people has got a small heads.. The ghost are sort of invisible.

Are they having a disco ? Why are they still awake ?

Are there children ?  There is food for sale. Is there cars ? The buildings are tall.  One of the guys is invisible. Some of the ghosts have got no head. Are they doping a dance?

By Jacob and Rowan.

100 Word Challenge

Can you guess what my favourite thing is? My favourite thing is quite small and has games on it and has a blue cover. I can do the hundred word challenge, the five sentence challenge and do lots of writing on it. When I am bored I play on it, but I’m not allowed to play on it after 6 o’clock in the evening. Douglas and Cameron have one as well, Cameron’s is red and Douglas’ is black. Douglas has the most games. I got it last Christmas, and I got some other presents. Have you guessed what it is yet?

By Rowan

5 Sentence Challenge

The  blue   flowing   river  is  beautiful.

There   are  big    flowers shining i the sun.

On the ground there is green grass.

The grey floating boat is shining in the sun.

The shining sun is blinding the people o this hot day.


By Rowan


The  post  box  is  red  as  a  appl.

All  the  howse   are  made  out  off   stics   and  stror.

Thir  is  a  old  car

The  car  looked  like  some  briks.

The  sky  is  blue.

by  Rowan  Jacob