The gigantic teacup

I was making a cup of tea and I went to my mum and dad and said ”where is the sugar?”  Mum said it was in the cupboard. Once I got the sugar the it was turning into a magic potion and he was going crazy! ”MUM” the sugar is out of control, I put it in the cup of tea and I went outside and the teacup was stuck in the ground. The teacup was GIGANTIC the teacup flew out of the ground went up into to space and came back down. It cracked and it was coming out with golden dust!

what I done this week

This week I have been doing rounding 10s and there really easy. When I was making our Roman shields and Roman helmets it was hard. When we were making and drawing Roman soldiers.  we have been doing tag rugby every Thursday and it is extremely fun. I have lernt about haidranswarll