mini beasts


A mini beasts can be a small chrechs.

You can find  some creatures an legs or swim.

Mini beasts  need are food just like us.


Snails live in there shells under logs in the woods.

Snails go 45 miles a hour.


Bees love honey so much if they see it they will go to it straight away.

Bees live in hives in colonies.

Bees eat honey so much.


Ants live in colonies in a hives and old tree stumps.

All ants run but a flying ants cant they fly.




5 sentence challenge

A Labrador puppy is playing with anuthr ball dog and a little grille is working ajrmun sheprd!

There is ros red the a grle is lucking down the well. in the back ground a chech lukes like the big ben. a grle is near a well and  a boy is lucing doune the well to.

5 Sentuners chaling

I went to simulate  with my dad and mum with my sistrs to we went to a porck wif  my sisters to we went on the slid cevr went on the. slid  me and ruby.   we went to have lunch. then went on the slid. I went  to the park and i did a backflip. I also played on a trampoline.

by Theo

My family went to watch the lego batman movie it was cool. my family went to the Trowbridge museum. I  went to nana and grandad’s house. I got a comic and it was cold at grandad’s. At home I played with my toys. I went to swimming at Bradford on Avon with my family.

by Ben

Fiv sentence Challenge

My ps4 is so good the sound is epic.                                                                                        My scooter is so fast the wils can go fast i soom past people

i got a Xbox 360. for chrismas because i was good at howpt  my  daddy to do the woshin.

I help my daddy pant id the hels  it is bloo i in jojd it.

I got a bic for chrismas i got Los of presuns.


my christmas

my Christmas was fantastic i got a millenium folcun and poes x wing. on Christmas  day i went to both nanny and grandads.

i got pocmon cards boost box i got a bmx bick.      by Ben and








by Theo, Angus and Ros