five sentence challenge

On the  holidays  i  took  a  gopro   and   a camera.

I watched  pokemon  XY   on  TV.

I saw   a   kawazaki   dirt  bike   in    bradford-on   avon  it  was  cool.

My  holidays   were   so  cool.

I   did my  first    back   flip    on   my   trampoline.

by Wesley


I watched  pokemon on TV.

I  watched   lego  batman   on  TV.

The  sky  was   shiny  and    very   sunny.

Wesley    came   to    my    house     to   play on the   Xbox   one.

I   played     with     my   brother   Ben.

By  oliver

five sentence challenge

A man is standing  by  the bus  because   he  is waiting    to    get on  it.

The  horses   are   waiting for   there   rider   to  go   and   have  a   ride   around   the   village

The   lorry   has   broke  down   because it   has   got   no   fuel.

All   the   people   live   in   the   same    house    and    they   all    love    each   other.

The   villagers  are   having   a   bit   of    an   argu    because     they    have    no    money.

five sentence challange

My brand new swegway is  amazing   because   it   goes   very   fast.

We  have   a  new   topic   and it is   called   the    magic   toymaker.

I  am  playing star  wars   with  my   friends  and  it  is   fun.

I am  playing football   outside   of school    and   i am   enjoying   it.

I  like  doing   maths     and     english   and    sums  .


There   is   clovers    on    the    grass.

There is chruncy   leaves

conkers   are    smashing    on   the    floor.

fresh conkers on the groiund with a shiny shell.

Crunchy leaves all around the tree.

by Alice, Wesley and Dylan