A mini  beast  is  a   small   creature  that   doesn’t  have  a  backbone  and  are  called  invertebrates.They,re  different  to  us    because  they  can  walk,fly  and  swim.Some can  bite  and some don’t  bite.


a  snail  is  a  small slimy  creature  that  has  a  shell  on  it,s  back so  when  it  gets   frightened  it  can  go in  it’s  shell.You may   find  some  snails  when  you  go on  a  walk  under a  log  slithering  around  to  find food. these  snails  have feelers so they can  eat ,  smell  see  and  drink


Spiders  have 8  legs  so they  can  run  and  catch  other  mini  beasts. some  have  3  types  of   webs  a  hammock  web  ,  cobweb  and a  funnel  web  . They  eat  flies,moths and even  mice  so  they  are  not  hungry  all  the  time  !  These   spiders  can spin  gigantic  webs  some  are  as  big  as  a piece  of  paper.There  are  30  species  of  spiders  in the  UK.


Bees  can  only  sting  once  then  they  die.  The  queen  bee  can  lay  up  to  1,500  eggs  a  day. A  bee  has  900  cells  in  it,s  brain. Each  colony  smells  different  to  bees  this  is  they  can  tell  where  they  live. They  can  walk  and  fly  .  They   have  a  thorax  and  an  abdomen and  some  little  wings.


What  a  beautiful  breeze   in  the   distance   that  is!

The  boy   is   climbing    out   a    window   and he   is  9  years  old .

That   man’s    car   is  very    clean   and  very   fast.

Some  people  are  playing   archery care  fully  other  wise  they  might   get  hurt.

There  are   some   big   and  small  trees  near  the  house.

by   Wes and  Heath



what  a   great   picture  that  is!

There  is a  labrador    trying   to   fight the bulldog to get in the well.

In the tearooms they are  selling pork pies and bacon buttys.

The beautiful flowers are glistening in the hot temperature.

The wishing well is full of shining 1 pounds and 2 pounds.

There   are    some    very   nice    and    old    fashoined  orniments   in   the    corner.


I  really   like chocolate  because it  tastes  yummy!

Chocolate    is  yummy when it is melted like a chocolate river.

Caramel   chocolate is   the    best  because it tasted like caramel and caramel tastes good.

crunchy chocolate  is the best because it melts in your mouth.

I   love boost   chocolate    because     it  has  caramel    inside.

75 word challenge

What  horrible weather it is in the picture !

The owl is under the mushroom so it does not get it’s feathers wet . A millipede is on the mushroom because he wants to eat it and it will taste yummy. The green squelchy moss is laying on the floor like grass.  The wet soaking and annoying rain is crashing down on the mushroom. The owl’s claws are very long and sharp to catch their food and eat it.

five sentence challenge

On the  holidays  i  took  a  gopro   and   a camera.

I watched  pokemon  XY   on  TV.

I saw   a   kawazaki   dirt  bike   in    bradford-on   avon  it  was  cool.

My  holidays   were   so  cool.

I   did my  first    back   flip    on   my   trampoline.

by Wesley


I watched  pokemon on TV.

I  watched   lego  batman   on  TV.

The  sky  was   shiny  and    very   sunny.

Wesley    came   to    my    house     to   play on the   Xbox   one.

I   played     with     my   brother   Ben.

By  oliver

five sentence challenge

A man is standing  by  the bus  because   he  is waiting    to    get on  it.

The  horses   are   waiting for   there   rider   to  go   and   have  a   ride   around   the   village

The   lorry   has   broke  down   because it   has   got   no   fuel.

All   the   people   live   in   the   same    house    and    they   all    love    each   other.

The   villagers  are   having   a   bit   of    an   argu    because     they    have    no    money.

five sentence challange

My brand new swegway is  amazing   because   it   goes   very   fast.

We  have   a  new   topic   and it is   called   the    magic   toymaker.

I  am  playing star  wars   with  my   friends  and  it  is   fun.

I am  playing football   outside   of school    and   i am   enjoying   it.

I  like  doing   maths     and     english   and    sums  .


There   is   clovers    on    the    grass.

There is chruncy   leaves

conkers   are    smashing    on   the    floor.

fresh conkers on the groiund with a shiny shell.

Crunchy leaves all around the tree.

by Alice, Wesley and Dylan