The Workshop

Mr Brown and Pippa  they livde in a hose was very big mess.

They lost of different things like panit butt they made doll hose.

They where the goodis people.

They liv in a vilig.

The next day some people moove in they whrer happy.

My Snowy Sunday

It snowed today in Trowbridge. Mummy, Daisy and me went for walk at the field with our dog Penny. The grass was muddy I slipped two times and jumped up and down in a massive muddy puddle. It was time to go home. Daddy made breakfast. We brought the duvet down and it snow again but we didn’t go outside. I read my book and had a big bubbly bath. Then me and Daisy heard some story book cd’s called Jack and the incredibly mean stalk, Rapunzel and her ever so shiny locks and Snow White and the seven dart frogs, they were brilliant books! Then we had a roast dinner for tea it was delicious and Yorkshire puddings are my favourite food yum yum! Then we watched a Christmas film called Jingle all The Way. How was your Sunday? Did it snow where you live?

From Willow x

It is nearly Spring!


Here are some things that happen in Spring

In Spring baby chicks, lams and calves are born.

Flower’s grow in Spring.

Snowdrops grow in Spring.

Ester is in Spring.

Blossom is on trees in Spring.

Spring is when everything is new and starts a grow.

Many birds lay their eggs in the Spring.

Animals begin to shed their winter coats for the warmer weather.

Crops are planted in the Spring.

I hope you like my list of things that happen in Spring and I hope lots of Spring flowers grown in your garden. My next blog will be about Summer.


Things about Summer!

It is hot in Summer.

Strawberries grow in Summer.

People go to the beech.

You plant trees in Summer.

People have water fights in Summer.

We have ice-cream at the seaside.

Summer is the season with the longest and warmest  days of the year.

In the Summer squirrels start to collect nuts for the Winter.


I hope you have liked my blog about Summer. In my next blog I will write about Winter. Love Willow xx

The unicorn and the chicken hand

Once upon a time in outer space lived a chicken unicorn hand and a unicorn. They were  rely good friends. They gone strait to Earth a school was on fire. The chicken and the unicorn put the flames out together. I didn’t tell you this the unicorn had a white body and a rainbow mane. thies stol a handbag from a old lady chicken unicorn savd the day.

And a baby was in a pram and her mummy didnt look the baby was on the rode but chicken unicorn savd the day. Chicken unicorn was tird there was no more jobs to do.

by Willow and Eleanor


In autumn the leaves change colour from green to yellow, orange, red and brown and they start to fall off the trees.

On my way to school I see shiny dew drops on the grass and spider webs and they sparkle in the sun.

Conkers have green spikey armour and when they fall off the tree they crack open and shiny conkers fall out.

In autumn animals gather food like nuts and seeds for the winter.

In autumn I like wearing my warm boots and kicking crispy crunchy leaves.