candy invasion

On day  candy land was invaded by cats the cat army shot lasers at the castle and the castle blow into SMITHEREENS! One bit laned on I Pop Jo’s house “AHHHHHH!”went I Pop Jo like a girl then diamond mine cart cut his bathtub in half.Daisy and Jacob saw a strange thing it came down the drainpipe it was a little cat “hello”she said shyly Dan went nuts and pat said what are you doing. Dan screamed in pat’s face.A old lady       gave them the ULTIMATE BUBBLE GYM SWORD. and Dan,Daisy,Jacob,Pat and the little cat all went to the fat cat king and harmony can to the land.



the end

by daisy and jacob

it came down the drainpipe

One day a man went to the pub to drink some beer and he had little surprise waiting for him at the pub . I was a good and healthy snack and he jumped with joy but Captain america jumped into the pub and beat the man up with his sheild as he threw it but the man turned into spider man and grabbed his shield then threw it at captain america’s face . the pub blew up because a talking bomb said it came down the drainpipe and it blew up all the pub .Spiderman really hurt himself he broke his arm .

the bin family !

Once upon a time there was a family called the bin family and one day they where having a conversation about the quack duck family next door . ” I  think we should go and visit them said dad bin ” ” but i’m nervous said baby bin ”’ ” I want to go because they are fun ! said middle aged bin ” ”OK said baby bin ” so they all went … ” knock knock knock went dad bin mummy duck opened the door and said with her big outdoor voice ”QUACK! QUACK! come in and they all went in and had fun mummy duck and mummy bin were having tea.the end

By Wesley and Eleanor

Alien from out of space

We  were in new  zelond   at  nihgt  and a hand  dropt  fome a portal  in the sky  it  landed  on Christchurch.  He is  mand  whith  fingers whth a malth and  with  a nose and is   eyebraws . kandy kan  werld in the sky  like a  sooper hiroe  .and he floo of the building  and he ran and he was chasing us and we and we fote that we lost  him and he fand us  in a alye and we slide daln and ran a wa and we did and did parkor and we was stil chasin us and we made frense.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        by  benedict  hayden

Super candy hand

There was a man who invented candy land.

He made a candy hand and all the candy was made from Professor.

Professor loved making things also he liked Invented.  Candy land was his biggest project in the world.Finally candy land was complete but  there were some trouble everyone was worried. Then super candy hand came now everyone was save again.

But candy hand got stuck on his ginger bread house year after year after he was stuck.Then he found away to escaped just in time to escape from the bad guys. After that he finally he made it  to the people of  candy land.

the end

by Neve and Ben


hand vs evil hand

Once a upon time a evil hand and a good hand lived.The evil hand  destroyed city’s the good hand helped the city’s. Chapter TWO   Evil hand had lasers  in his fingers.The good hand has lemonade in his finger  and  he shoots  sweets out of his mouth.The  good hand won.There wont be any more wars.Good hand has 20 power ups  in

his brain.when he wants to yous them he gets power.The evil hand found the secret base.They had to live in master pikachu secret base. The evil hand never ever found them again.The end

by Rowan and Dylan




The Amazing HAND!!

Tom ,Amy ,Sam ,Megan ,Baby , Mum and Dad were at school picking Megan, Tom, Amy  and Sam just then a fire Mum shouted RUN just as Mum said run a super hand got out his finger and shot water on the fire !

The hand said come Amy , Tom , Sam and Megan they went

to war. Megan said ‘This isn’t today, you took us back in time’. Super hand said ‘my mum is in the war and she died but what? After they saw what super hand showed them, they knew why super hand became super hand!

by Alice and Harriet


Super hand to the rescue

Wons a pon a time soopu hand will sav the day wons agen . I love you  darling I love you to my love . Yesday soopu hand sarved king caspu and Queen ilzbuf and prinses perll and prince charming . He jest fell out of the ske . He sarved shoogu land from a monstu .The people of his citey was very prad .3 wes a go he savd the school  of yonecons from the spid monser .aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr crid the chidon as they sor the mons . You are my love siad  girl hand yes you a my love siad boy hand now I will cis you .

Fifi and Ros

The unicorn and the chicken hand

Once upon a time in outer space lived a chicken unicorn hand and a unicorn. They were  rely good friends. They gone strait to Earth a school was on fire. The chicken and the unicorn put the flames out together. I didn’t tell you this the unicorn had a white body and a rainbow mane. thies stol a handbag from a old lady chicken unicorn savd the day.

And a baby was in a pram and her mummy didnt look the baby was on the rode but chicken unicorn savd the day. Chicken unicorn was tird there was no more jobs to do.

by Willow and Eleanor

the cool dude hand

Once upon a time there was a man called cool dude hand and he landed on earth in a space saucer  . he went into the city and sky dived off a skyscraper the super hand  said ”I’m going to fly away whilst he was skydiving whilst he was sky diving he was actually flying when he was skydiving  . Oh no candy is falling from the sky its going to turn into a candy land . A candy land i can eat everything he is about to fly away and invade. And then it all stopped and he flew back to his own planet .The end

By Wesley and Harry