5 sentence challenge

There is a purple,violet,reflecting and unique car standing on the green and brown.

How many people come here ever day?

In the distance there is the biggest church in the world!

All of the people are very happy,kind,fun and good.

One of the clowds look like a white and ferry  fish.

By Rowan

5 sentence challenge

There is a bright violet car in the green bright grass.

in the sky there is a there is a cloud  which reminds me of candy floss.

what tremendous,brilliant and beautiful day it is!

why is there a man on a old, brown and steady ladder he is on?

The kids are playing with a orange basketball.

5 sentence challenge

How many children are on the grass there!

The are some children playing football on the nice blanket of grass.

How old do you think that pup is?

The bottle of wine is sitting on a tray being carried by a lady.#

A man is holding a very cute dog lead with a yellow dog on the end of it.

5 sentence challenge.

The shiny purple car is parked on the thin green grass.

Why are the children hiding behind the shiny car?

Those rainbow lights are beautiful!

In the distance i can see a pretty church that smells amazing.

By the black horse pub there is a ruby red car.

the workshop

The workshop has a pile of signs on one of them it said : gone fishing.

There is a broken toy car and a old doll house also a hammer next to some nails in the lovely bright workshop.

Two people have selected the old doll house in the old workshop.

There was a old grandfather clock in back of the shop because the shop is a very packed shop full of stuff.

There’s a sign inside the shop that said ; headquarters.



The girl  is puting the things in the dolls house.

It is full of loads and loads of dad stuff.

It is a very cramped place.

There is a dog sitting near.

The door is wide open.

The magic shed

In Grandpas garden there is a shed not just any shed  but a magic one.

I went in once it transported me on to a boat i sailed for days and days.

Then i was on a island with a jungle i went into the jungle i had so much fun.

I jumped off a water fall,climbed the trees,talked to the animals i didn’t want to leave.

It was time to go home and i said goodbye and i sailed and sailed for days and days when i got home i wanted to tell mum but it was my secret.


In autumn the leaves change colour from green to yellow, orange, red and brown and they start to fall off the trees.

On my way to school I see shiny dew drops on the grass and spider webs and they sparkle in the sun.

Conkers have green spikey armour and when they fall off the tree they crack open and shiny conkers fall out.

In autumn animals gather food like nuts and seeds for the winter.

In autumn I like wearing my warm boots and kicking crispy crunchy leaves.  

Lovely Summers

There is a girl called Tilly picking flowers from the glittering flower garden.

The man is rowing a wooden boat in the rippling water.

There is a boy called Benedict fishing.

The lady is marrying Mr Bumble the carpenter.

The little girl is singing to the spotty dog.

By Alice