old in time

The  girl  is  hugging  the  dog.

The  lake  is as  sparkly  as  some  glitter.

The  sky  is  blue  as  a  blue  bery.

The  bouts are  made  out  of plangks.

The  waterweeyl  is  spining  fastly.







5 Sentence Challenge

The  boat  is  brown  bright  and  shiny.

The  sun  is  yellow   and  blinding  and  shiny.

All  the  flowers  are   shiny  in   the  sun.

The  blue  shiny   sky.

The grass is green like a lime and very shiny.

By Neve

5 sc

What an amazing  picture  that is !

There  is a  beautiful brown  boat  in  the  water.

The man and  the  wife  are  getting  married  in a  church .

There is  a  man fishing  trying  to  catch fish.

The dog  and  the  girl  are  cuddling  each  other.

By  wesley

The house.

There is a boy on a very old rotten boat.

The stream is running outside the house.

There is a man fishing with old stick fishing rod.

The butefull clouds in the sky next to the sun shining.

There is a rose flower.


spring time

The water wheel is spinning into the river.

The garden is beautiful and colourful.

The little girl is with her dog.

The girl is playing with her cat.

It is such a peaceful picture.


By Eleanor

5 Sentence Challenge

The beautiful  splashing river is shining in the blue cool breeze.

Swishing gentle the breeze the willow tree moves.

Three green trees are growing in the background.

The fluffy white clouds look like candy floss.

A big sheep dog is wagging his fluffy tail.

By Ros


The  post  box  is  red  as  a  appl.

All  the  howse   are  made  out  off   stics   and  stror.

Thir  is  a  old  car

The  car  looked  like  some  briks.

The  sky  is  blue.

by  Rowan  Jacob

The village of Dorset

Two balloons fling in the breeze.

The church is so high that I think it will scrap the sky.

The post box is waiting for to post a letter on a sunny day.

There is a Petersen riding a bike.

A tree is so old it could snap.

by Megan and Daisy