5 sentence challenge

There  is arer plan in the air  .      There is a  Dog in the midll   ov road.   The  clouds are shaped like a dragon.  The  air smells like  a  ross. There is a brown cat in the village sitting near a chicken!

by Alice, Daisy and Megan

5 sentence challenge

The army car is posh and he was ready for battle.

The chickens are being fed.

The one the bike is going to the vets with the dog.

The church is very, very tall.

The aeroplanes are going to crash into teh church.

by Albie, Ben and Arlo

5 sentence challenge

The airplain is droping bombs because it is a armyplain.The littel boy is feeding the duck.

The  dog is getting very muddy. The churches roof is getting hackt off. The hay is getting cropt off.

By Aarron, Oliver and Heath

5 sentence challenge

There is a army plane fliying  in  the  air and a amy  car who  are going to  the  army. Joe  was  feeding  the  brown  and  white  chickens. There is a black  and  white  dog  sitting  in  the  road.There is a bale of hay  in a red tractor .there is a army car speeding verry quikly.

by Jessica, Millie, Willa and Harriet

5 sentence challenge

the hay is big andstreshere . the shush is rreretjl.                                                                      the airoplanes is spitfires.

the armee car has a winch.

the house is hrd

by Benedict, Angus and Olly


5 sentence challengeT

Theres three  aeroplanes  flying in  the  prity  sky.

There  is  aaeroplane  about   to  crash  into the  cherch.

The  cherch  is  vERY TALL.

There aere some trees in the distance.

There is an old girl looking at the door.

By Ros, Eleanor and Emily

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