Who and where are you?

Welcome to Clover class blog. Please spare one minute to leave a comment for our pupils. If you leave a comment, it will be shared with the class and will help to give them a sense of audience. Just say who and where you are. Pupils always like to know a little about their audience and how far away they are!

Thank you!

Take a blog walk and tell us what you find…

To be a great blogger you must visit other blogs not only to see what other children are blogging about but also to leave comments. You will find that the more comments you leave on other blogs, the more visits and comments you’ll get in return. Here are a few blogs to go and explore:

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EYFS Blog at St. Joseph’s in Derby
Nursery Blog at Moorside Primary in Salford
Nursery Blog at Eastfields School in Northamptonshire
Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok
St Kilda Primary School, Australia
Unsworth Primary School, UK
Georgetown Elementary School, Michigan – Year 2
Georgetown Elementary School – Mrs Woodring, Year 1