5 sentence challenge

The gorl  Jessica ia looking at the white and brown horse.

The people are having a car boot sale because they need some money.

In the garden there are beautiful flowers growing.

In the green house there are some bunnies eating the green vegetables.

It is a sunne and nice day in the country.

Poetry Writing

This term our topic is ‘The Magic Toymaker’ and we are really enjoying learning about old and new toys and also each other’s toys. Today we finished off our fantastic poems about toys and we recorded them for everyone to listen to. Please leave us a comment and tell us what you think of our work!

International Day 22.6.16

This year we have really reached out to further our international links and global audience and I can truthfully say that I feel we are far more connected than ever with children and professionals from around the world.

Today we held our last international day of the year with each class taking their own focus for learning and exciting learning. Thistle learnt lots of interesting facts about India and read a super elephant story and Clover class wanted to know more about Canada. Clover also had the opportunity to link up with Mr Hamilton and Grade 4 of Bayridge School in Kingston Ontario to learn face to face with our international friends, which was super fun.

In KS2, Lotus class looked at France once more and Orchid class focused on Ghana – they also have a cake sale coming up next week, so please come along to that to raise much needed funds for charity.

Everyone had such a fabulous international day and we have pulled everything together into s slide show below. The children also explained what they have been learning throughout the day. Do have a listen!

Class Visit to Woodland Adventurers

With such beautiful weather, today was the perfect day for a trip to Woodland Adventurers in Box. The children were all wrapped up their many layers as we knew that we were in for a super day of outdoor learning, working with the staff in a huge expanse of woodland. Of course, the children were impecccably behaved and we all had a really great day learning out in the sunshine.

Here are our photos of the day


Nice oval  ears like pink ovals on a quilt,                                                                                  Pointy tale like a fluffy tooth,                                                                                                     Straight legs like branches,                                                                                           Black eyes like dark dark blackberrys,                                                                           Sparkling eyes like marbles,                                                                                                        Spotty fur like nice autumn leafs that had fallen off the tree.

by Mya


Skruffy ,light, dark eyes like the midnight sky.


Fury,spiky, long ears like a sharp knife.


Little ,wet, fat nose like a round ball.


Bendy, big tail like a ponytail.


Messy, cuddly fur like a cuddly teddy.