5 sentence challenge

The pretty purple  and  blue  shimmering  mountains  are in the  light.  People are on a   pretty red rug  on a  picnic.

The red and yellow shimmery and shiny boat is comeing into sea.

The green brown really cold tree is shiner than the sun.

The big hotel is filled with people.

by Alice.

5 sentence challenge

There  are some  brilliant   mountains  shining.

There are people watching the brilliant birds.

There is a cowboy coming out of a cowboy shop.

There is a owl sitting in a tall tree.

There is a old car parked in the car park waiting for its family to return.

by Ben and Dylan


5 sentence challenge

there are lots of  colourful  boats in the  water.                                                                          can you see the snowy mountains .                                                                                        what tall trees there are.                                                                                                             look at the big posh house.                                                                                                     look at the beautiful birds.                                                                                                                   by benedict and aarron

five sentence challenge

In the distance I can see  a purple and blue mountains and the sky is shimmering  above the mountains!

The blue shimmering water is sparkling in the yellow fiery sun.

A cowboy  like person is  trying to shoot a bullseye with a bright gold arrow .

There people are having a picnic with delicious food.

everybody at the campsite is having so much fun but soon they will have to go home.

Emily and Daisy

5 sentence challenge

The boats are floating on the lake like beavers.

The big hotel has lots of people staying in it.

The big tree has a big ladder in it going up to a tree house.

There are lots of mountains in the distance.

There is a man watching the birds with his child.

by Ros and Angus


What  a  beautiful  breeze   in  the   distance   that  is!

The  boy   is   climbing    out   a    window   and he   is  9  years  old .

That   man’s    car   is  very    clean   and  very   fast.

Some  people  are  playing   archery care  fully  other  wise  they  might   get  hurt.

There  are   some   big   and  small  trees  near  the  house.

by   Wes and  Heath



What a fuzzy little puppy that is!

The house next to the well is shine,green and beautiful like a flower!

How I see the lovely sunshine glimining on the roof.

Two people are getting married  so they need some flowers wich ones do you think they will choose?

A little girl called Meghan is holding a lead of an alsation.

By Megan


I see yellow sun gleaming flowers.

There are two cute dogs.

there are people talking by the garden shop.

There are three dogs smelling each other.

there are lots of flowers.

Garden Time

The pretty red roses are in a little basket.

The colourful flowers are in the old wheelbarrow.

The cute smelly dogs is telling jokes.

The lovely fairy is praying to God.

The boy and girl are getting water.

By Alice