5 sentence challenge

There is a bright violet car in the green bright grass.

in the sky there is a there is a cloud  which reminds me of candy floss.

what tremendous,brilliant and beautiful day it is!

why is there a man on a old, brown and steady ladder he is on?

The kids are playing with a orange basketball.

5 sentence challenge

How many children are on the grass there!

The are some children playing football on the nice blanket of grass.

How old do you think that pup is?

The bottle of wine is sitting on a tray being carried by a lady.#

A man is holding a very cute dog lead with a yellow dog on the end of it.

5 sentence challenge

There is a purple,violet,reflecting and unique car standing on the green and brown.

How many people come here ever day?

In the distance there is the biggest church in the world!

All of the people are very happy,kind,fun and good.

One of the clowds look like a white and ferry  fish.

By Rowan

5 sentence challenge.

The shiny purple car is parked on the thin green grass.

Why are the children hiding behind the shiny car?

Those rainbow lights are beautiful!

In the distance i can see a pretty church that smells amazing.

By the black horse pub there is a ruby red car.

Roman Topic

Romans are really fun things to learn about.They came to fight the Celts in 55 BC.They tried but the Celts were to prepared so the Roman Soldiers had to go back to Rome. Then they came back but still the Celts were to powerfull. So the Roman Soldiers that fightied last time came back with lots more Roman Soldiers so the one lots more battals and sadly some of the Celts died. So the Roman Soldiers learnt from that and in the end they got quite powerfull. The Roman Soldiers had Quite pain full punish ments one was you would get fined or stoned. For food you would get porrige,vetibles bread and you would have to cook it yourself! Now for the barracks. You would have to share it with seven other men.How noisy would that be! Well not if there people you like. You would have to be twenty to start the army and you would have to stay there for twenty five years so whemn you went back to your family you would be fourty five. you would wear really heavy amour.


By Alice

Roman Topic

Romans built strait roads and if they were lucky they could go in a chariot.Then they built baths but the water wouldn’t be very nice because it was from underground.The different trumpet calls mean different things like get your diner.The celts one two batles and the Romans one one battle.They are quite clever because they have the tortoise and the wedge.Romans have hevy armer but that means it’s strong.


A Class of Poets!

Today in Clover class we have been reading poems that we have written and we even recorded them for the world to hear! If you like our poems, please leave us a comment and let us know where you are visiting from so that we know how far our poems have travelled.

The lost world

Once  upon a time there  were four protectors fire, water, ultimate magic and glitch. One day a  beast came and opened a portal to destroy the world and then they summoned a cosmetic wolf  and a dragon   and then started to battle…the beast summoned evil land worms,  glitch shouted “it comes from a different world!!!!!”. Suddenly they got hit by an evil beam after that fire, water, ultimate magic and glitch used there power to destroy the land worms…then the dragon used there plasma beam and hurt the   beast and  brought it on half health then they  hit the beast with there blades and killed the beast and that was the end of the war.

by jacob

Intrernational Learning with the USA!

Live Blog Westwood and Georgetown Final International Learning Session 2018