Tom and Amy and the mystery ring !

Tom and Amy  were walking to the park Amy was about to show  Tom her new ring but it was not there Amy looked every were e saw in the park.Tom looked at the drainpipe and  saw it  come down the drainpipe Tom gave it to her Amy said were did you find it  Tom told her it came down the drainpipe.Amy hugged him in delight.They went home and told mum that she got a new ring.Tom said that he got a new toy.Mum was very very happy.They went upstairs and played with there new things that they brought they played  they lived happily ever after.


the end           Neve and Alice

The Workshop

Mr Brown and Pippa  they livde in a hose was very big mess.

They lost of different things like panit butt they made doll hose.

They where the goodis people.

They liv in a vilig.

The next day some people moove in they whrer happy.

The mysterious workshop

One day, a man was getting hunted down but at home a noise came from the door , outside teddy’s,house teddy saw a gang of men who was trying to bash the door down “help” screamed ted “the horrible noise , it came down the drainpipe ” lied ted. The house the men lived in a workshop but it use to be owned by a old man so ted ran after them and he entered a big workshop. The next day, he put it on  all on news in the end the police found a hidden trap door and took them to prison for stealing money. The end. by heath and rowan



The woershop

In the woershop was a old man with a little boy.

did`t  you now they are spies?

They have a trap door on the fior.

When the uver spies need them they go throo the trap door.

This day, they were cood…

the bin family !

Once upon a time there was a family called the bin family and one day they where having a conversation about the quack duck family next door . ” I  think we should go and visit them said dad bin ” ” but i’m nervous said baby bin ”’ ” I want to go because they are fun ! said middle aged bin ” ”OK said baby bin ” so they all went … ” knock knock knock went dad bin mummy duck opened the door and said with her big outdoor voice ”QUACK! QUACK! come in and they all went in and had fun mummy duck and mummy bin were having tea.the end

By Wesley and Eleanor

Flat Stanley

In Clover class we have been reading Flat Stanley and we thought you might like to know a bit more about the book in case you’d like to read it.

Flat Stanley is a very unique person because he is flat. Stanley became flat because a very heavy notice board fell on him in the night. He is 1 inch thick and 4 feet tall.

Stanley caught some painting thieves when they were trying to steal the most expensive painting in the world. He disguised himself as Little Bo Peep in a painting and he saw them come through a trap door in the floor. In the morning Stanley got a medal for his bravery and courage.

Stanley has a bright, fiery, red jumper with a white stripe across his waist. He has baby blue trousers and silver shoes with white shoelaces like spaghetti.

Flat Stanley perseveres and is generous and positive. He can slide under doors very easily. He is able to slip under wheels, trays and bins.

You should read this story because it is funny and interesting. We think this book would be enjoyed by many people and we loved it because he helped people and he was kind.

The Amazing HAND!!

Tom ,Amy ,Sam ,Megan ,Baby , Mum and Dad were at school picking Megan, Tom, Amy  and Sam just then a fire Mum shouted RUN just as Mum said run a super hand got out his finger and shot water on the fire !

The hand said come Amy , Tom , Sam and Megan they went

to war. Megan said ‘This isn’t today, you took us back in time’. Super hand said ‘my mum is in the war and she died but what? After they saw what super hand showed them, they knew why super hand became super hand!

by Alice and Harriet


It is nearly Spring!


Here are some things that happen in Spring

In Spring baby chicks, lams and calves are born.

Flower’s grow in Spring.

Snowdrops grow in Spring.

Ester is in Spring.

Blossom is on trees in Spring.

Spring is when everything is new and starts a grow.

Many birds lay their eggs in the Spring.

Animals begin to shed their winter coats for the warmer weather.

Crops are planted in the Spring.

I hope you like my list of things that happen in Spring and I hope lots of Spring flowers grown in your garden. My next blog will be about Summer.


Things about Summer!

It is hot in Summer.

Strawberries grow in Summer.

People go to the beech.

You plant trees in Summer.

People have water fights in Summer.

We have ice-cream at the seaside.

Summer is the season with the longest and warmest  days of the year.

In the Summer squirrels start to collect nuts for the Winter.


I hope you have liked my blog about Summer. In my next blog I will write about Winter. Love Willow xx